With the right diet, you can prevent cancer and tumors to fight better

Only false hope or new therapy? Food can affect the risk of cancer and also the treatment positive. What is the role of fasting, the ketogenic diet and Anti-cancer foods really play.

  • Ketogenic diet, as a secret tip against cancer, acted, is more dangerous than I thought.
  • Days of partial fasting can make cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy.
  • Fasting prevents the “chemo brain”, a neurological long-term result of chemotherapy.
  • The best protection against cancer: Half as much meat to eat and lose weight.

Anyone who has cancer should eat wholesome and may fasting. Until Recently, these rules were still regarded as binding. However, there is evidence that a strict change in Diet, could affect even the fasting in the course of the disease positively, especially in the case of advanced cancer.

Ketogenic diet says: Twice as much food as fat as normal

Especially the so-called ketogenic diet for cancer is useful and almost as well as conventional cancer therapies. It means to eat hardly any carbohydrates and to eliminate sugar. High-quality fats such as vegetable oils (Olive, canola,), but also cream, Butter, cheese, nuts and Avocado are permitted. 70 percent of the daily diet should consist of fat. This amount is more than the recommended twice as high as normally.

The extreme diet is to starve cancer cells so to speak. But is it really? “It is currently not at all sure that ketogenic diet against cancer can be effective,” says Rainer Stange, chief physician at the Immanuel hospital in Berlin, Naturopathy, fasting and nutrition expert. This Form of diet helps transition, a hypothesis that relies on fundamental research of the biochemist Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970).

Ketogenic diet – the idea is many decades old

The Nobel laureate thought that cancer arises due to a metabolic disturbance to the cells and sugar a waiver of malignant growths could stop. “70 years after Warburg’s discovery, a resultant change in Diet has, however, not yet in Oncology. To this day it is an interesting Model, but not clinically studied“, clarifies the expert.

Undisputed this radical diet, however, is a useful, temporary addition to hard-to-controllable Epilepise, perhaps also in Multiple sclerosis. For a detailed explanation, there is not yet in place. A possible: ketogener diet glucose as normal energy is, largely, the liver produces so-called Ketones, or ketone bodies. “Compare the leaves around, as you would not heat your home with Oil, but with wood,” says Rainer rod.

Then, you will feel different and most of them have to stay in this comparison, the wood heating as pleasant. So maybe with the ketogenic diet. You changed the functioning of the brain profound. The pain may decrease sensation, improve sleep quality, as well as the General well-being – cancer is not cured, probably.


So risky ketogenic diet is

In addition, this radical diet, however, is not harmless. “If so, then you should in any case be slow, including very low doses,” says the almost expert. Not for nothing many people try to eat ketogen break off the Experiment. Because of massive side effects threaten, such as:

  • Diarrhoea with fat chairs
  • in animal experiments treatment of Diabetes
  • Fat metabolism disorders

“Basically, the ketogenic diet is probably not 'gesund', in any case, we know nothing about long-term risks,“ notes Rainer rod.

Fasting can be for cancer patients

It is different with fasting, strictly speaking, with intermittent caloric restriction and short term fasting. The colloquially intermittent fasting program means to eat at least 14 hours up to several days, but only to drink.

Although cancer does not brake or heal fasting. However, smaller studies were able to clearly show that intermittent fasting is during the chemotherapy makes sense.

So, about breast cancer prior to waived patients a day and a half and one day after chemotherapy to food. Thus, side effects could be mitigated or even avoided. “Fasting has a biochemically enormous influence on the cells,” explains Rainer rod. The signal transduction of the cells change, so the signal transmission. It affects the metabolism of the cell. During the Chemo, that means:

  • faster Regeneration of the mucous cells in the stomach and intestine, are damaged by the chemotherapy often
  • Activation of healthy stem cells, which are important for the formation of blood cells in the bone marrow

In the brain, long-term chemotherapy follow prevent

“A great opportunity could be intermittent fasting, also in view of the drastic offer long-term consequences of chemotherapy,” says the expert. These are mainly adverse effects on the nervous system, such as polyneuropathy. Many patients also complain of brain power loss as the rapid onset of fatigue, concentration, and notice interference. The somewhat slangy American term for chemo brain”, a technical term for it is “not there yet.

It is particularly tragic that these long-term consequence for younger patients who want to get in to the disease again in the profession. “Here we look for any glimmer of hope, in order to prevent this neuro toxologischen damage,” says the expert.

Fasting makes cancer cells more vulnerable

In addition, the changes in signal transduction could increase as a result of fasting, the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy. If this assumption is confirmed, that means for the patients that they could reduce by fasting the dose of the Chemo. “But even here, the research is only at the beginning of the” brakes, Rainer bar to high expectations.

Diet protects against cancer – but only partially

It is undisputed that the diet plays in the prevention of cancer, which is scientifically proven in numerous studies. But the good news in the 90-ies, that in this way half of all cancer cases could be avoided, alleviated in future studies.

“For example, the EPIC study shows that the renunciation of red meat could reduce the risk of colon cancer by about 20 percent”, clarifies the expert. Currently, every German eats an average of 60 kilograms of meat per year. “We would halve this amount only, it would be a major step for cancer prevention, but also for the environment,” suggests Rainer rod.

Why is dietary fiber and secondary plant substances are so important

Why red meat increases the risk of cancer, is not biochemically clear. Also the preparation could play an even greater role than previously assumed, about grilling. It is established that cancer often develops over decades by biochemical processes, which also affect the intestinal flora.

Herbal dietary fiber promote a healthy gut flora and protect against cancer”, as well as secondary plant substances and cheap fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids,” adds the nutrition expert. Phytochemicals interfere mild in the immune system and strengthen it permanently against cancer.

Particularly valuable in this connection are

  • fat salt-water fish,
  • Berries,
  • Nuts,
  • Spices such as ginger and turmeric
  • a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit

Ultimately, it is the ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine, which is known to be particularly healthy in terms of cardiovascular disease.

The most important protection factor against cancer: avoid Obesity!

But you can berries a lot of Goji, ginger tea, and salmon, as you wish. Much better than the Anti-cancer food weight is believed to protect the control against cancer. “The undisputed most tangible approach for effective cancer prevention is to be overweight”, clarifies the expert.

Each of the third, however, is now too thick. But why fat and cancer are linked? “Fat tissue is an active memory, even for pollutants and hormones,” explains Rainer rod. It is known, that, for example, in the case of hormone-dependent tumors such as breast cancer, the hormones from the adipose tissue, the cancer can inflame.

For protection against cancer, especially of motion in addition to a healthy diet with a reasonable amount of calories a role. Who moves every day for at least half an hour and about the Mediterranean eats, doing the Best for his health, and although in several ways: protection against cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart attack and stroke!