Why people do not dial the emergency call

Anyone who suspects signs of stroke in themselves or a family member, should immediately dial the emergency call. Up to two-thirds of the Affected drive myself to the hospital or take. Why this is so, has now been elucidated.

At a stroke, every Minute counts. Physicians to Maygret Ramirez from Baptist Health South Florida Hospital have not wondered about why patients with stroke symptoms to call as soon as possible the ambulance. 38 Concerned, the goods themselves in the hospital or have to leave, were asked why later, according to your reasons.

It was expected the answer that they had interpreted the signs fail. But this was not the main reason: One-third of the patients gave the answer that they could not have known that in the case of an emergency, what hospital they were being taken. Only after this has been cited as a reason that you didn’t recognize the emergency, a family member had prefer to want to, or that it was assumed to be faster in the hospital.

At a stroke the blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen, blocked, or torn, which leads to a loss of brain cells. According to established guidelines should be consulted immediately to the nearest hospital, in order not to lose time. The longer it takes until a Patient is treated, the less his chance of Survival is and the more the brain is damaged. In English there is the saying: "Time is brain", so "Time is Hirn".