Type 1-Diabetes: Provides breast-feeding for sugar?

Mother’s milk is the best food for babies and provides all the important nutrients. Some mothers, who are suffering from type 1 Diabetes, fear, however, that by night-time Breastfeeding under sugars. A new study now shows that this is a concern in mindful therapy, is unfounded.

Breastfed infants suffer less often from Diabetes type 1 and 2, and they suffer in the course of your life and less Obesity than children fed with the bottle. "Also many young mothers with Diabetes want their child to these health benefits profitiert", Professor Dr. med explains. Ute Schäfer-Graf of the German Diabetes society (DDG). So far these mothers have been advised to always extra carbohydrates in the night to take, not to sugars. A study from Denmark shows that this is necessary.

Risk of hypoglycaemia is low

In the study, the authors compared the blood sugar status of 43 nursing mothers, not with 32-lactating women with type 1 Diabetes. The Still received no Extra carbohydrates as it is otherwise advisable. The result: During the six-month observation were found to be no clinically relevant differences between the groups with respect to the hypoglycemia risk. Although the results were due to the low number of study participants is not clear. "Nevertheless, they suffice to illustrate that mothers müssen&quot horrors of Diabetes type 1 not before feeding back;, Schaefer-Graf says. A prerequisite is, however, that nursing mothers keep very precisely to the current need for insulin, regularly measure their blood glucose level and the amount of carbohydrate intake in mind.