The world sensation is not exists on the bubble: cancer test at the University hospital of Heidelberg

It was three months before the sensational (“image”) and milestone celebrated Bleeding to breast cancer, early diagnosis remains a scientific pipe dream. According to a report by the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, the from the University hospital of Heidelberg with a study commissioned tumor biologist Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz to the conclusion that there is not the much-publicized PR campaign promised process so far. A variety of media, including stern, had the theme in February picked up. However, according to the assessment of gag, the prototype for a test date, there exists not even procedures on blood samples. The information from the in February, sent a press release should, therefore, be considered as “not justified”, citing the “SZ” of the scientists.

Clinic admits: “The process,”

The head of the University women’s hospital, Christof Sohn, had the Test on the 21. February presented at a women’s physician Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany, and announced that he could already be the end of the year to the market. The from the University hospital of Heidelberg spin-out company HeiScreen should market the supposed blood test, praised the method in the same breath the media as “a milestone in the breast cancer diagnostics”. Much too early and possibly for dubious reasons, such as now turned out. The above-mentioned method, it is not, give previously confirmed, in the meantime, the hospital itself. However, the work of the appointed Commission was not yet completed.

A spokeswoman warned the Board before the PR-action

Spicy: According to information of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, warned the spokesperson of the hospital, the Board of Directors shortly before the planned PR-action. “I’m starting to get a stomach ache”, you have three days before the press conference in an email to all the Board members wrote. Accordingly, she inquired several times, “how widely you want to Express” and noted that they “make far-reaching statements in a critical journalist environment”, although “data validity” of the Tests were “quite clear”. Without Success.

Without pain or radiation

"Meilenstein" the diagnosis: a New blood test to detect breast cancer quickly

The Test was on 20. February in big letters as a “world sensation”, with TV channel reported the next day live from the press conference – the seriousness of the proceedings had been examined, neither by the clinic Board of Directors is sufficient, nor has it been published in a scientific journal. Actually, of course, there are scientific institutions from the Format of the University hospital of Heidelberg, before presenting such a ground-breaking discovery to the Public.

Almost every second woman with a false breast cancer diagnosis

Why this is not happening, evidence lecture slides from the Professor’s son, the existence of the Online health Portal “”. Therefore, the specificity of the supposedly sensational and groundbreaking method is tested on all women at only 54 percent. In clear text this means that with the Heidelberg blood test almost every other healthy woman would receive a false positive cancer finding. As a “completely unacceptable”, referred to the Gerd Gigerenzer, Director of the Harding center for Risk literacy in Berlin, in an interview with “”. The attempt to bring a Test to market that would harm many women, border crime, the verdict of the renowned psychologist.

And yet, something brings explosiveness in the Posse to the blood test. As the “Rhine-Neckar-newspaper” reported, to the son, and his colleague, Prof. Sarah Schott before the publication several times in China. Meanwhile, the share price of the Chinese pharmaceutical company NKY Medical to be involved in HeiScreen, the outsourced marketer of the test procedure, developed in the first quarter of 2019 is very positive. Between the end of January and the end of March, the value of the paper climbed at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Guangdong from twelve to 22 Chinese Yuan.

In addition, the test method was originally developed by a Chinese scientist at the University hospital of Heidelberg. The man pulled in the order son, but after seven years of research, in March of 2017, of the so-called “breast screen project”.

Breast cancer-Posse has legal repercussions

The University hospital of Heidelberg has, in the meantime, file a criminal complaint. According to the “” because of unspecified allegations against Unknown. The Mannheim public Prosecutor’s office for economic crime, investigated for suspected price manipulation and insider stock trading. It is unknown how many people and what institutions they come from.

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