Tele-medicine: Elderly patients are skeptical

Modern technologies allow for virtual office hours via Computer and Smartphone. A survey from the USA shows, however, that many people over 50 are not yet ready to take telemedicine to the full extent. Partly because you want to your doctor in person to sit, and partly because of concerns that the technical Know-how is missing.

More than half of the 2,250 respondents between 50 and 80 years, did not know whether their Physicians offer even tele-medicine. An even larger proportion (80 percent) also had some concerns and would consult your doctor in person. 47 percent feared that to be the technical requirements. In certain situations, such as traveling, or for the aftercare of a previous treatment, however, more than half of the respondents would also rely on a virtual office hour.

Only four percent of the respondents had perceived in the last year, a Video consultation service via Smartphone or Computer. The reactions were mixed: More than half was of the opinion that the quality of care was worse than a visit to the practice, and as many were Worried about their privacy.

Telemedicine is in the starting blocks and is already partially available. It offers many benefits such as Savings in long way or the easy way to get a result recipes. As the study showed, need to be removed for this, however, still some barriers and concerns. Study leader Dr. Jacob Kurlander, of the University of Michigan concluded from the results: "While the industry is progressing, we should take into account the Concerns and preferences of our patients, especially the over 50-Year-old, the care most of the health claim."