Super-androgens: More potent than testosterone

The sex hormone testosterone stands for masculinity and virility. Now scientists have found out that it is not the strongest of the sex hormone. Recent research results show that the adrenal gland is still much stronger male sex hormones, is forming, so-called Super-androgens. The experts reported at the German Congress of endocrinology at the beginning of March in Giessen. The hormones could ensure that the Hormone metabolism of the rudder &ndash runs; also in women.

It has long been known that the adrenal gland and male sex hormones produced. "So far, we know only very weak androgens in the adrenal cortex produces werden", DGE-Congress President Professor Dr. med reported. Stefan A. Wudy of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen. However, recent studies show that a further group of so-called 11-oxygenated androgens exist. "These male hormones have an additional oxygen atom, which verstärkt&quot their effect significantly;, the expert: &quot explained;Therefore, they are also referred to as a Super-androgens."

Möa major health risk

Interestingly, this Super were-androgens already discovered 60 years ago when people, were, according to the Wudy, however, forgotten. Its strong effect was only discovered recently by marine biologists at bone fish. Since then, the medical hormone, researchers are working with these Super-Androgens. Wudy is convinced that in the area of effect of male hormones need to be rewritten in the conventional textbooks.

So various diseases could lead to the adrenal glands, the production of this highly potent androgenic literally spiral out of control. The possible consequences discuss endocrinologists currently intensively. The latest research aims to characterize the role of the Super-androgens in diseases such as obesity, disorders of fertility and in the formation of various types of cancer.

A simple blood test is not yet möpossible

"Unfortunately, no appropriate Test is available currently at our disposal, with the concentration of 11-oxygenated androgens determine routinely for our patients in the blood können", DGE-media speaker Professor Dr. med regrets. Matthias M. Weber, head of endocrinology at the University medical center in Mainz: "However, we hope that this will change soon. Then it will show how Super-androgens interfere in Hormone metabolism and which complications they are responsible for."


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