Stress or illness? When red spots in the face is dangerous and when not to use – Video

Red spots on the face have different causes. In all cases, but they are not beautiful. Dermatologist Afschin Fatemi explained that redness is not a problem and which you should treat her better.

Spots and redness on the face are not beautiful. Sensitive skin is affected. Redness by sensory perceptions such as heat or shame are still harmless. Occur redness on the skin but more often or permanently, can have these health causes. Dermatologist Afschin Fatemi explains, what types of redness and which should treat them better.

1. Inflammation redness

Small areas of redness on the face are usually a sign of a local infection. These arise, for example, prior to the formation of a breakout. They are harmless and do not occur only on the facial skin, but can be found everywhere on the body.

2. Stress redness

In stressful situations, some people tend to blush. The so-called “Flush” is a response of the sympathetic nervous system, of the activity of the nervous system, to terrible situations. Fatemi explained: “This can happen during sports or in Stress. Especially cheeks, neck and chest flush, as the vascular network of the facial skin, a greater supply of blood.“ This redness is harmless and do not need to be treated to the dermatologist, according to.

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3. Coupe rose

The skin disease rosacea is genetic. Here, the blood dilate the facial blood vessels skin. It comes, therefore, to redness, of each of the vessels on the cheeks or nose wings. Fatemi explains: “UV light can accelerate this skin disorder image. However, this is more of a cosmetic Problem. With a Laser couperose can be treated.“ The heat-welded to the vessels, the redness disappears.


4. Rosacea

The skin disease rosacea is an aggravation of Couperose. Fatemi says: “In the later stages the enlarged blood can be accompanied Chen vascular of inflammation of the skin. Then one speaks of a rosacea.“ At this redness can cause more pustules. In addition to the laser therapy also inflammatory help anti-inflammatory creams.