Stiftung Warentest examines electric tooth brushes: A brush for dressing very well

As well brushing electric toothbrushes? In any case, better than manual toothbrushes. This is the result of scientists from the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration in the year 2014 when they let the two products compete against each other. People who use electric helper, not remove, therefore, only bacterial plaque, called Plaque, more effectively. Reducing your risk for inflammation of the gums.

Those who opt for an electric brush, the buyers are spoilt for choice: There are dozens of different models on the market in terms of price, the sky is the limits. Stiftung Warentest has taken in its latest issue eleven especially effective helper under the microscope and shows that For good quality you do not need to dig deep in the bag. The prices of the brushes are between eight and 100 Euro.

The good news first: the majority of The brush cleans well and is easy to handle. Outlier down there is no: Nine of the eleven brushes in the Test cut fine, two are still satisfactory.

Sonic brushes or a rotating head?

Oral hygiene

Dental floss is actually superfluous?

Test winner with a narrow margin is the Oral-B Pro 900 from brown (test score of 1.9). It costs 95 euros, and has an oscillating-rotating brush head that pulsates in addition. Four brushes in the Test, use a different technology: clean with sound. But what kind of technique cleans better? “With regard to this question, were able to establish our controller as in the previous Test, no clear advantages of one method or the other,” it says in the current issue.

Price conscious people can get good quality for much less money. The rotating tooth brushes (dm Dontodent) and Budnikowski (Budnident) costs 16 Euro and also cut well. They offer two cleaning settings – cleaning and sensitive mode and a pressure control that lights up when too much force is cleaned. Such a control of the test winner delivers not once – although it costs around six times.

Good brush for eight Euro

Who wants to spend even less money, you should keep the brochures from Lidl in the view. The Nevadent was to buy at the beginning of the year as the action goods, at a cost of eight euros, and performs well in test too. As the only brush in the Test, it creates a “very good” at cleaning your teeth.

The brush, however, has two major drawbacks: it is not currently commercially available and is the only device in the Test battery. Were test evaluates the more than advantage, because of the rechargeable batteries could be used, and the brush would thus have replaceable batteries. However, in the duration of the operation at home is likely to Expand quickly prove to be a nuisance. Only for travel of the battery could be operational sense. Replacement batteries are almost everywhere to buy.

The full Test there for a fee here.

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