Signs of serious diseases? What hides behind dark rings around the eyes

A special feature is to blame for party nights through the rings of the eyes betrayed. However, sometimes dark circles are signs of a disease. FOCUS Online shows surprising causes and how you can fight the eye shadow.

Bluish-violet to brownish, sometimes extended to like half moons, or only in the eyes of root angles to the nose – no matter how pronounced rings under the eyes are, you can always put it loosely, is quite an old one, or better said, finished look.

Why is the skin under the eyes reveals so is

Mostly the people Concerned know exactly what is to blame for the shadows under the eyes: lack of sleep, too much celebrated or worked too much alcohol and cigarettes. But why is the expression so clearly on the skin under the eyes? “Rings under the eyes, because we have in this area is the thinnest skin in comparison to all other regions of the body,” says Jens Tesmann from the professional Association of German dermatologists.

The underlying blood vessels and structures can be more easily therefore Shine through. This is especially the case, if to a less lymph, the skin puffy. This happens not only due to a lot of parties, but also through lack of fluids. On the other, the blood color, depending on the oxygen content (oxygen). High oxygen content means bright red blood, lack of oxygen makes it bluish. The shimmers then darker through the skin, as a clear eye-rings.

Harmless causes for under-eye circles – usually lack of sleep

In addition to lack of sleep, alcohol is often the cause of dark shadows under the eyes. “Alcohol dehydrates, and the skin is so thin and the blood vessels, including can more clearly Shine through,” explains the expert. In addition, Smoking, Stress and a lack of mineral substances such as iron or zinc as causes in question. Not least, there is also a genetic predisposition to dark circles.

Rings around the eyes due to hay fever

But there is also health problems as a trigger in question. In the hay fever time the Allergy to pollen can cause changes in the eyelids. The eyelids burn and itch. “It is then scraped, can inflame the sensitive skin, something, that, in turn, pigmentation and the skin is a little brownish,” warns the specialist.

Alarm rings around the eyes and liver and kidney diseases or heart failure

In addition, organic diseases play a role. “When the heart is not pumping around properly, lack of oxygen, which can be expressed, among other things, by the rings of the eyes,” explains the dermatologist. Also in the case of liver and kidney problems, can change the blood color composition, with dark rings around the eyes noticeable.

Therefore, you should allow the skin to change from a doctor to clarify if harmless reasons for under-eye circles are excluded. The doctor can find out with simple Tests, whether a serious disease is present so that the appropriate treatment can be initiated.

First aid in case of eye rings

Most often, eye rings, however, are rather harmless and a cosmetic Problem. “Then you should sleep enough, Smoking can reduce or better stop altogether,” recommends Jens Tesmann. As a first help, but also for those who are prone genetically to dark rings around the eyes, there are a number of cosmetic AIDS:

  • Careful eyes cool, with Eye-Pads
  • Dark circles conceal with a Concealer, a light concealer, powder, and/or Make-up spread
  • in the future, sleep (the thicker pillow, head elevated part of the bed is a bit high)

No bathing in the sun, “tanning makes rings under the eyes disappear,” warns the expert. On the contrary, they protect your eye area carefully with a sun cream (at least on UV-Filter 30), and a big pair of sunglasses. The fine skin of the lower eyelids is otherwise particularly vulnerable to UV-irradiation rapid wrinkles.

Special creams for the eye lids are also suitable for the treatment of eye rings. “These cosmetics are very rich and moisturizing, to prevent fluid loss to the outside,” explains the dermatologist. The ingredient hyaluronic acid ensures that the moisture can be better in the top layer of skin, the Horny layer. The skin is plumper and looks healthier. However, the effect only lasts for hours.

The rings of the eyes by skin doctor to treat: fruit acid peel and micro-needling

Who would like a longer to achieve lasting effects, you should let a dermatologist for advice. There are a number of treatment options for dark circles available, ranging from gentle to something invasive:

  • Medical exfoliation such as fruit acid peeling – “This gentle treatment can stimulate skin growth, the skin appears younger and fresher” says Jens Tesmann. The Horny layer is removed by natural fruit acidity is mild and new growth is stimulated. The treatment should be carried out six to eight times, at intervals of three to four weeks. Cost per treatment: about 80 Euro. This method is not enough, you can something more effective approach, for example with a
  • Micro – needling of the skin is treated with the finest of needles will be needles, “comparable to the thickness of acupuncture,” explains the specialist. The micro-injuries to the structure of the skin irritate the skin to Regeneration, the skin generates more Collagen, more blood circulation, tightens and renews itself. Before that, there is not a local anaesthetic, so that it will be painful for the patient. Has proved the three-time treatment at intervals of four to six weeks Cost per treatment: around 200 Euro.

Possible side effects of fruit acid peel and micro-needling, skin redness, which disappears after a few days. For the first few days after the treatment, the expert recommends to sports, a Solarium, a Sauna, and all other sweat-inducing activities to do without, because the salty liquid can irritate the skin.

Vampire facelift (PRP) against under-eye circles

Something invasive in comparison to these methods, the so-called vampire facelift or PRP is Platelet, Rich Plasma for platelet-rich Plasma. This is taken from the patient a little blood and centrifuged. Then only the growth factors of the blood and proteins are processed, and this Plasma in the skin area to be treated back injected with very small needles. “The advantage of this is that I be administered growth factors and repair proteins directly”, emphasizes the expert. The therapy is also recommended as a Dreifachset at a distance of four to six weeks, the cost per treatment is 300 Euro.

Skin irritation and minor hematomas, which can occur as side effects usually disappear very rapidly. Because the injected Plasma contains exactly the substances that promote rapid healing.

Laser and carboxy therapy for dark circles

Earlier, circles were often treated with the Laser. The today is not the first treatment option. “Laser often leads to a complete surface irritation, to a large wound surface, which can, in turn, oozing strong and Hyper pigmentation is favored,” says Jens Tesmann. Needling and PRP would not, he compares the methods of treatment.

Also not-so-successfully in the case of dark rings around the eyes, the carboxy therapy. This injected the doctor, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the skin. As a result, the body receives the stimulus, to have in this Region little oxygen. The body responds by making the blood vessels and the circulation of the blood reinforced in order to transport more oxygen in this area. Cost per treatment, around six are needed: about 200 Euro. However, the effect of PRP would also be larger, because growth factors to be directly assessed by the expert.

Deep rings under the eyes and tears furrows fill

The listed treatment options are limited, however, in the end on the skin. The eye rings are especially pronounced and deep, has already formed a half-moon-shaped fold, called the Lacrimal groove, or tear trough, the next step is a Filler. “With hyaluronic acid you can then fill up,” recommends Jens Tesmann. In any case, interested parties should contact a specialist. It must be analyzed, such as the lymphatic drainage and anatomy. The suitable hyaluronic acid for the injections must be selected.

The product should be relatively soft, according to the dermatologist. Otherwise there is the risk that the Region is increased too much and swells. This is a risk, because hyaluronic acid attracts water. The balance between easy to fill, but not too much liquid from the environment, is so right. The effect of an injection with hyaluronic acid lasts for at least a year, cost for both eyes lower eyelids, around 450 euros.

Conclusion: under-eye circles are usually caused by unhealthy lifestyle, too little sleep, a lot of Fast Food, alcohol, and nicotine. Who off these risk factors, is already doing a lot against the shadows under the eyes. If these measures are too little and/or the rings around the eyes are genetically determined, treatments can range from Cool and Cover up to vampire facelift and hyaluronic acid fillers eliminate the cosmetic Problem. It is important to contact a specialist.