Robert-Koch-Institute: at the beginning of a Corona-epidemic

Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute: “The Situation is not just about Germany, but there is a particularly vulnerable area at the moment. This is the Kreis Heinsberg and the risk is of course greater. We will also change the risk assessment for the country of Italy. Today we are going to explain the whole of Italy to a high-risk area. And this is the essential information for the Moment. I would like once again to summarize, as I say, the really for many days and also since then, we have a Briefing hold by the press, again: It is a serious Situation. I call on all the mayors and district administrators to activate their crisis plans. I call on all the Doctors, Doctors, all the hospitals to activate their crisis plans. Hospitals need to prepare for it, if you have more severe cases, you adjust the corresponding structures in their hospitals. And this is important. We are at the beginning of this epidemic. And we will cope with it only if all of the responsibility deal-makers in our country with this impending crisis.”