People who do Sport, eat healthier

At the beginning of February, the good intentions for the new year, when many can already. Researchers at the University of Texas have made a discovery, which makes it perhaps easier, the resolutions to maintain: Who drives regularly in endurance sports feeds automatically healthier.

Unsportsmanlike study participants who spent usually lot of time Sitting down, shoots for the study 15 weeks to endurance sports. Although you should maintain your normal diet, you ate at the end of the study even healthier: Less between meals, French fries and sweetened drinks, more fruit and vegetables.

"Many study participants did not even know that they had these active, healthy Person. Some of them kept their body measurements is inevitable. Many of them decided for the first Time in your life about what you eat and when you Sport treiben", Molly Bray, head of the Department of nutritional Sciences at the University in Austin said.

The reason for the unconscious Modification of the diet was not examined in the study. Animal trials according to the researchers, however, suggests that Sport is the concentration of appetite-regulating changes of hormones.

In the study, 2680, young adults between 18 and 35 years, who drove less than 30 minutes of Sport per week, and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle were and not a diet. They were asked to complete 15 weeks of regular endurance training. You should three times exercising per week for 30 minutes and 65 to 85 percent of your individual maximum heart rate. Your normal diet you should maintain during.