New drug for neurodermatitis

Distressing itching and skin lesions typical for atopic dermatitis. A new medicine against the disease of the skin, which is taken by mouth as a tablet, showed good results in initial trials in humans. The scientists from the Hannover Medical school (MHH) reports.

After eight weeks, symptoms such as redness, blisters, and scratch marks reduced by half. The active ingredient is blocking the messenger substance histamine is the inflammatory reaction responsible. "We assume that the histamine-4-Receptor effect blockers, regardless of the cause of the eczema and are currently investigating which patients will benefit the most from the new therapy können", Professor Dr Thomas Werfel from the MHH clinic for dermatology, Allergology and venereology says.

Of eczema approximately eleven percent of the children are affected in Germany in the pre-school age and one to two percent of the adult. The disease is caused by various reasons, such as allergies, skin irritants, hormonal, microbial, and psychological influences. Severe forms are treated with drugs that suppress the immune system. These drugs do not help all patients, and a number of side effects have to be sought, therefore, especially for children Alternatives.

In the study, 98 people had participated. The drug was well tolerated, no adverse effects were observed. Now an international clinical study is to be conducted with 400 patients, in order to determine the optimal dose.


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