Nevus or cancer? Artificial intelligence suggests Doctors in the diagnosis

Scientists at the University of Vienna had dermatologists in the diagnosis of skin diseases to compete in a competition against the Computer. A clear result: In the race &quot was;Man against Maschine" cut off the Computer much better.

511 experienced doctors are taken for the study, against 139 image-recognition programs that paint with more than 10,000 recordings from seven different benign and malignant skin changes such as mother, age spots, blood sponges, or skin cancer were been trained. The best Doctors detected in an average of 18.8 out of 30 cases, while good computer programs 25,4 30 images filed correctly.

Private lecturer Dr. Philipp Tschandl of the University clinic for dermatology at the MedUni Vienna was not surprised: "Two-thirds of all the participating machines were better than humans, the result has manifested itself in similar experiments in the past years."

He points to the fact that artificial intelligence to the doctor anyway will replace, because while the diagnosis of the computer is based with the image just a snapshot in time, knows of the doctor and the entire clinical picture, the history, other disorders and circumstances of the patient.

Experience also plays a big role, because the Doctors who had worked for at least ten years with the early detection of skin cancer, performed in the investigation on the best.