Much TV increases risk for colorectal cancer

Bad news for "Couch-Potatoes", the love to sit on the Sofa and watch TV: Young people who spend a lot of time Sitting, suffer more often from cancer of the colon and rectum.

Researchers have been 118 cases of early-onset cancer of the colon and rectum in women examined in detail. As a note to a sedentary way of life, they used the time that was daily spent in front of the TV. They calculated that in a TV consumption of seven to 14 hours per week, the risk for colon cancer around twelve percent rise compared to women who watched less than an hour a day. For more than 14 hours a week the risk rose to just under 70 percent, they report in the journal JNCI Cancer Spectrum. It was irrelevant whether it had been in the family of colorectal cancer, the women’s sports shoots or overweight. "This study can help to identify those who are at high risk, and from an early Screening könnten&quot benefit;, Yin Cao, Professor of surgery at Washington University School of Medicine said. "The fact that these results were independent of BMI and physical activity, suggests that a seat could be the end of the activity an independent risk factor for the Occurrence of colon cancer."

While colorectal cancer is decreasing in older persons, takes cancer of the colon and rectum in people under the age of 50 worldwide. This early-onset form of cancer is usually more aggressive and is discovered in later stages.