Mother-child bond: Why Baby smell

Mothers feel the smell of their babies, in General, as a pleasant – the your Teenagers, not so much. Researchers from Dresden have examined how body odors have an impact on the mother-child relationship, and found that mothers can recognize the stages of development of their children by the smell.

In the study, mothers were able to 64 percent correct "erschnüffeln", if the scent samples came from children before or after puberty. The mothers were in pre-pubertal odors more accurately than in the case of samples of post-pubertal children. Pleasant smells were more likely to be classified as a pre-pubescent, even if they were of older children, while strong smelling samples were more likely associated with post-pubertal children. Mystery remained, as the human nose can decipher this Information and which odor components are important.

Gerüche köcan mother-to-child relationship affect

The researchers assume that this ability could play an important role in changes in the mother-child relationship: "This study shows that the body odors of children […] are an important factor that influences the mother-child relationship, and points to their significance for Affection and care hin", Laura Schaefer of the Technical University of Dresden said. Child’s body odors could mediate in the crucial stages of a loving bond with the child, while post-support pubertal smells the detachment, if the child is independent. Possibly the effect could be for the treatment of attachment disorders after the birth of use, speculated shepherd.