Intimate area it has to grow: how to

Intimate area waxing: you want to grow in their genital area? This is the most thorough, but unfortunately also the most painful method to remove unwanted hair. FOCUS Online explains step by step how to proceed with the grow of your intimate zone.

Many people advise you to leave the Grow in the genital area in the cosmetic Studio. But this is usually very expensive and mostly not necessary.

  • Body hair removal: Gentle shave
  • Body hair removal: Gentle epilation
  • Body hair removal: pubic area epilation
  • Body hair removal: pubic area shaving

However, it is not advisable to take as a newbie when you Grow immediately the genital area. As a technique, the Knowledge, tact, strength, and a certain amount of insensitivity to pain requires to Grow.

The growth of the intimate area, the following factors play a role:

  • the right kind of wax
  • the right length of hair
  • the right preparation
  • the correct treatment

Cold wax or Sugaring for the intimate area

In order to grow in the genital area, we recommend a hard wax. This protects the skin and removes coarse hair. In the genital area has proven itself in addition, the use of a sugar paste. For the so-called Sugaring or Brazilian Waxing, you need cotton strips, which are about 20 cm x 7 cm in size.

You can find ready-made strips with hard wax, or sugar paste, as well as non-woven strip for the Grow in any pharmacy or drugstore.

The right length of hair

The right hair length is important for the success Grow. The hair must be at least 5 mm long so that the wax enough to attack. If your hair is significantly longer, trim it with an electric shaver.

The right preparation

No matter whether you opt for cold wax or Sugaring: The preparation remains the same. On analgesic creams, you should not miss, however, since they act in General.

Before waxing, you should shower and dry thoroughly. They pollinate in the port directly in front of the Grow your skin with baby powder. This absorbs the moisture and the wax can connect better with the hair.

You need to schedule enough time, because for the Grow in the genital area, you need at least a half hour. The bathroom is ideal for the Grow. Spread a large bath – or beach towel on which you can comfortably lie.