How to get children to eat healthier

Many children seem to hold vegetables or legumes for inedible. The attractiveness of healthy food, however, with a simple Trick: you will Be awarded positive properties, which are interesting for children, makes them from the children’s point of view, more attractive.

"Eat your lentils, if you want to be bigger and faster want to run." These and similar child-friendly messages can make foods such as tomatoes, peppers, or legumes for children more attractive. This is a study by researchers from the universities of Washington and Florida close to, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. The children had been told, as you benefit from healthy food, ate at the end of the study, twice as much healthy food as their peers, where the food had been without child-friendly messages.

"Every child would like to later be able to jump greater and faster sein", Prof. Jane Lanigan, Washington State University, said. Through this kind of examples, food for the children has become more attractive. "I have two children and would probably be able to do things better, to encourage them to eat healthy. We wanted to fill a gap, because parents will often say what should eat their children, but not how they can be brought to eat it. And finally, entscheidend", Lanigan said.

Earlier research had shown that children to try out something rather New, if you are a food get repeatedly offered. This research did not, however, considered in the context of the offers, Lanigan. In order to test the effect of a child-friendly food phrases the benefits of healthy food, offered to a group of three – to five-year-old children for six weeks, twice per week healthy food, of which the children had previously said that they like you, for example, peppers, tomatoes, Quinoa, and lentils. Half of the children also received age-appropriate facts about the advantages of the life by means of.