Here’s How to Get Our 12-Week Badass Arms Training Guide PDF

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Do you want the kind of arms that test the structural integrity of your t-shirt sleeves? We’re here to help. If you subscribe to our kickass membership program, Men’s Health MVP, you’ll get exclusive access to PDFs of our top-notch fitness and nutrition guides, including this 12-week plan to grow your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

If you sign up, you’ll meet your Badass Arms coach, Dan Trink. C.S.C.S.: a strength coach, personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and founder of Fortitude Strength Club in New York City. He created a program that blends isolated arm exercises and compound upper-body movements to help grow your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. “A bigger muscle can produce more force. A stronger muscle allows you to work with more weight, which, in turn, builds a bigger muscle,” Trink explains. “The key is to hit a balance between training for strength and training for size, whether it’s in a short program like this or in years-long training cycles.”

Of course, Trink also mixed in some lower-body moves like squats, dead lifts, and leg presses. (“If you wonder why they’re in an arm-building program, just Google ‘skipped leg day,'” he says.)

Your journey to the arms you’ve always wanted starts here:


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