First signs is the dry skin Toxic substances in shower gels: Video

Who washes themselves with the wrong shower gel, you risk a dry skin. At the end of each corridor under the shower, you weaken the body’s own protective case. To blame certain compositions in shower gels. The so-called polyethylene glycol compounds, short PEG.

These are synthetic substances that are found in many cosmetic products. They are cheap and are often used. However, the use of PEG is questionable, because the main fabric is highly toxic. On the long term, even mutagenic and carcinogenic.

The materials not only combine water and Oil in cosmetic products, they also connect with the protective fat of the skin. In the shower, the oils from the skin are washed away and the natural protective layer is weakened. The skin dries out, and looks sallow and make it fold faster. The result of skin irritation, pimples, blemishes, allergies or even eczema.

You will recognize the substances of concern in the table of contents. Make sure your shower gel on the prefix “PEG” and the letters “eth”.

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