Experts warn: Now is the Flu season starts – what helps the best

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Who wants to survive the Winter without a nasty infection, should now be active and the immune system. Who does not trust his defensive forces, can at least be vaccinated against influenza. The vaccine to protect better than last year.

The next wave of Flu is on the way. It was "with an early start to the flu wave to rechnen", the Association of Influenza at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said. In the second week of January, so far, 1263 confirmed influenza cases were submitted. The were more than twice as many as in the first week of the year. An end is not in sight.

Since October flu cases and eleven deaths were reported so that a total of 3677 confirmed. How strong is the imminent wave of Flu will be, is difficult to predict.

To be prepared as good as possible in front of her, it is necessary to drive multi-pronged: While influenza vaccination offers the best possible protection, saves us from colds and the flu a strong immune system. This includes precautions to protect against infection. And some drugs that act as a “Last-Minute”anti-virus protection.

The flu vaccination

"The means of protection must be better werden&quot used;, RKI-President Lothar H. Wieler said. The vaccination is, in spite of the from season to season, different effectiveness the most important measure of protection.

Last Winter two unfortunate circumstances together met, however, a violent wave of Flu with 334,000 metric reported cases, plus a high dark figure and a bad-acting vaccine as Fund performance. He is not protected just before the virus strain that was for 70 per cent of the Influenza cases. It is well over 20,000 people in Germany died in the flu season 2017/18, presumably to the consequences of Influenza.

In this season, want to make all Parties better: The WHO has revised its vaccine recommendations. And the effective Four-way vaccine, in this season of all statutory funds paid the Standard Flu.

The unique prick is already starting in September/October, the elderly, people with a limited immune system, the chronically ill (small children with a severe underlying disease), Pregnant women from the 2. Trimester of pregnancy, medical staff and people involved in everyday life with a lot of public traffic. But even now it is not too late to get Influenza vaccination – provided there is still vaccine. Because it was in the current season almost.

Simple protection, when others already have the flu

  • Keep your distance to people with symptoms of acute respiratory disease
  • No skin contact with any objects that touch a lot of other people: holding means, shopping cart, door handles in the office, bars, public transport …
  • Shake hands to avoid
  • Regular, thorough washing of hands

Last-Minute help with a flu infection

The active ingredients of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza) for the flu therapy. The prescription neuraminidase inhibitors can alleviate the symptoms and the disease shorten a bit, if they be taken with the first symptoms.

Possibly this Winter, a further substance is added: the Antiviral Baloxavir.

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So arm yourself against cold viruses, for which there is no vaccination

Pay attention to zinc in the food plan. In this food is: shellfish (oysters!), Meat (Calf’s Liver!), Hard Cheese (Emmental!), Nuts (Pecans!), Seeds (Pumpkin Seeds!), Oatmeal, Lentils, Egg Yolk.

You drive regularly fashion sports rates. He guarantees good blood circulation and oxygen supply. 1.5 hours per week should it be, a few drops of sweat flow.

You go daily to fresh air, if possible during the day. The more light you refuel, the more Vitamin D you can make and, therefore, an important part of the defence force.

Can you several times a day, fresh air in home and office – even on cold days. The not-aired only your head, but increases the humidity in the premises for the benefit of the mucous membranes.

Sauna sessions are the classic for the strengthening of the immune system. Why this is so, is not so clear. The most likely theory: heat and high humidity bring the sauna to sweating, the immune system is alerted, it brings immune cells in position.

Sufficient sleep stabilizes the body’s defenses for fight against pathogens. Because: In the bedroom are white blood cells formed, they are important for our immune system.

Ginger tea is considered to be an immune booster, thanks to the ingredients Vitamin C, Magnesium, iron and the essential Oils in the tuber. You drink generally much – especially if it is scratchy in the throat.