Early dementia: Sufferers, parents are a risk factor

People with Alzheimer’s, whose parents also experienced dementia, show an average of six years earlier symptoms than their parents. If both parents had dementia, was diagnosed 13 years earlier. A new study by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, United States.

According to the researchers, changes in the diagnostic methods and the social attitudes to mental decline in old age, explain in the last decades, at least partly, why the study participants are now diagnosed at a younger age than their parents. But probably other factors also played a role.

"Nowadays, the tendency, confusion, and forgetfulness is less than normal sign of getting Older abzutun", Dr. Gregory Day, associate Professor of neurology, explained. "People who have witnessed how their parents are in Alzheimer’s disease, take the symptoms likely to be serious." Interestingly enough, people with two demented parents, the disease is much more developed than people with only one affected parent. This suggested that it is more than only Changes in the diagnostic criteria, or the social settings. "People with two affected parents may have a double dose of genetic or other risk factors start at a younger age vorantreiben", so Day.

Also factors such as education, blood pressure, and certain genetic variants increased the risk for dementia. In total, almost a third of the age variations so that they can explain the largest part remain still uncertain.