Digestion-stimulate: So you get gastro-intestinal problems in the handle

According to a survey on the incidence of stomach and intestinal discomfort in the United States are eleven percent of the respondents several times in the month of digestive problems, such as abdominal pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea (as of 2017). Among the most common causes that bring our intestines from the clock, to greasy food and Stress, or an inflammation of the stomach mucosa, in short, Gastritis is called. The solution is thus already clear: If you alleviate the symptoms and discomfort in the handle want to get, you need to stimulate your digestion. How this works best, what foods help and what else you can do to bring your gut flora into the green area, is summarized in this article.

A healthy intestinal flora is (k)a question of age

The bad news first: With age, our gastrointestinal tract is always the carrier, so that digestive problems occur more often. The good news is: We can do our life something to our metabolism. Among the most important cornerstones of a healthy intestinal flora, a balanced diet, Drink plenty of fluids, regular exercise, and balancing periods of rest. And that is exactly what you should focus when you are in constant pain lower abdomen, bloating, constipation or diarrhea suffering. What are the food even help stimulate the digestive system, will be explained in the next section.

These foods will stimulate your digestion

As already mentioned, our diet is a major influence on digestion. Possible complaints to counteract or even prevent you should put on fiber rich foods, the swelling in the intestinal tract and the digestion and therefore the excretion of food encourage – this prevents, for example, a possible constipation and also bloating. To them include, among other things, oatmeal, wheat bran and whole-grain bread, Kefir and yogurt, fruits and dry fruits such as raspberries, oranges and plums, salad, nuts such as almonds, legumes, flax seed, psyllium seed , and Sauerkraut. In addition, it is important that you take in sufficient liquid, ideally at least two liters of water a day. But also herbal and fruit teas without sugar and coffee to stimulate digestion.

These tips will help for digestive problems

On the diet we can the digestion from the inside to stimulate, but there are also a few helpful tips and Tricks on how to make your gastro-intestinal tract from the outside can influence – for example, by heat or a Massage: a Place to relaxed on your back and practice them with your fingertips gently put pressure on the right quadrant under the Ribs. In front of the screen and work from there in a circular motion to the left of the belly half. Alternatively, you can stimulate your digestion with a walk in the Park, By the movement of the blood circulation is promoted in the intestine so that the food can be crushed more quickly and better and further transported. The same effect can be achieved through Sport, where it is in case of acute complaints is not advisable to swing onto your Bicycle or to go Jogging. Generally sporting activities can help your digestion boost.

In the rest of the (intestinal)power is

Did you know that we digest the food we ingest, only 30 minutes later? The technical term for this is “gastro kolischer Reflex”, what is meant is the reaction of the bowel to irritation of the stomach. This process can not be accelerated – a purely biological point of view–. Even if you rush when you eat. For this reason, it is important to digest in peace. If you have your meals down loops, to save time, you do your digestive tract any favors, quite the contrary: Instead, he reacts not rarely in the Form of belly cramps, or diarrhea. So take your time when eating, the Same also applies to the toilet. If you need to change””, you will go also – when you get your bowel movements to suppress, faster clogging than you would like.

What time is the visit to the doctor is imperative

Not always medication or home remedy for digestive problems help, so it is quite advisable can be to see a doctor. Especially, if you, for example, several days in a row not to go to the toilet can cramps in combination with a strong abdomen, multiple blood in the stool, have constipation over a few weeks stops, or alternately under the diarrhea and constipation suffer. All are important indications that something is wrong with your gastrointestinal tract and you should have this urgently investigate.

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