Danish health authority wants Overweight by officials to determine

In Denmark, the Obesity of the citizens is staff is a matter for the state. The Danish health authority “sundheds of residence” stipulates that civil servants appeal to the authorities Overweight proactively to your figure and provide you with a diet suggest. This recommendation is according to the Danish newspaper “B. T.” in the draft “Intervention for severe obesity”. This was already released in October 2019, will now be discussed in Denmark.


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Fat people on their weight to address, is generally considered to be rude or even hurtful – in Denmark, it could happen, however, for example, in the case of appointments with Authorities or in the school. Thickness should be determined “” and “lifestyle interventions” on ways to lose weight carefully made, reported RTL. To be overweight, according to the “B. T.” not a private matter any more.

General practitioners reject the directives of the health authority

So the citizens should be protected from damage to health in consequence of being Overweight. Many feel the guidelines of these authorities, however, as a grip and fight back against the interference of the state, in addition, a stigma is feared thicker people. The speaker of the Danish society of General medicine, Rasmus Koster-Rasmussen, calling the calls on municipal employees “unethical”. “It’s like a witch hunt,” he said, “B. T.”.

Against obesity, there is no generally valid remedy, so Koster-Rasmussen. He relies on the self-responsibility of citizens: Every adult knows even when he was overweight and would know the risks. In Denmark, more than half of the population, according to the health authority to be overweight.

In the meantime, the authority has responded to the public outcry and the recommendations watered down. The guidelines were misunderstood – officers should only refer to slimming tips, when citizens bring the issue of Obesity, by itself, to the language.

Sources: “B. T.” / RTL

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