Corona-Hotspot Berlin-Neukölln: From the ski resort in the tenement

The Corona outbreak in Berlin-Neukölln attracts more and more circles. On Tuesday, it was back to the most recent development in the district for a press conference. District mayor Martin Hikel underscore the peculiarity of this infection wave: “That certainly, we in Neukölln, in the affected house is a very cramped living keep have a situation and if you remember, where the Coronavirus in Germany and Europe started, how it started in the ski resorts in Austria, and has now arrived in the tenements.” According to the district mayor of the new outbreak is not surprising. Because in some of the apartments up to 10 people would live under one roof. To do this, the SPD politician Martin Hikel: “This means that we have not arrived at those who have a lot of money for housing. And in larger families living together and due to the socio-economic Situation, a larger apartment can not afford, and thus in a particularly cramped living conditions.” 57 positive cases were found, according to the authorities on Tuesday. Therefore, quarantine were arranged for around 370 households-measures. The Affected lived in seven locations in various Neighborhoods, the Health of the city Council Falko Liecke: “We test more. Yesterday we had more Teams on the ground. We will have the whole week for more Teams. We will strengthen ourselves to be able to the amount of people testing and also to be able to reach. So that we can capture the infection to happen overall also. This is not very easy, therefore, we have translators on-site social workers with on-the-spot, which will help us to find the access to the families. Sometimes there are people in need of a very detailed explanations of how and why quarantine is important and necessary.” How it could come to exactly the infection wave, it is as yet unclear. It remains important, however, that the people will continue to receive comprehensive information, wear masks, as well as Hygiene – and-distance rules, so that the further spread of the Coronavirus can be reduced.