Complication after Corona? Physicians have reported rare inflammatory disease in children

Infections with the Coronavirus run in children, mostly mild. Now, however, reports that children fall ill to a rare inflammatory syndrome has been mounting in some countries, doctors suspect a complication after a Corona-infection.

The world health organization now wants to investigate the possible connection in more detail. There were first reports about the recent cases of children’s illness were with the Coronavirus in connection with, said the WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Friday. He called on doctors around the world, with the WHO and national health authorities to work together to understand the syndrome better.

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Covid-19 and the Kawasaki syndrome: How dangerous is the Coronavirus for children

For the first time, Doctors had pointed out in the UK in April on the multi-inflammatory syndrome in children. Among the known symptoms are fever, inflammation in a number of organs, skin changes, as well as a confirmed Coronavirus infection. The syndrome carries a MIS-C has Similarities to the rare but long-known Kawasaki syndrome. This is an inflammation of the medium and smaller arteries, which leads to painful swelling on the body. Against the Kawasaki-syndrome, there are proven anti-inflammatory therapies. After inpatient treatment, it usually heals without complications.

More than 100 children in New York ill

On Friday, a hospital in Marseilles, reported the first case of death by a novel syndrome in France. A nine-year-old had died as a result of “neurological damage in connection with a cardiac arrest,” said the doctor, Fabrice Michel, the news Agency AFP. Overall, were reported from France since the beginning of March, 135 cases of the syndrome. The patients were between one and 14 years old. The inflammatory syndrome was also detected in more than a hundred children in New York. In the metropolis had spread the Coronavirus is particularly strong. Three of them died.


WHO chief Ghebreyesus stressed that it was of the utmost importance to describe the new syndrome exactly, to investigate the triggers of the disease and treatment possibilities.

The US health authority CDC called on hospitals, in which minors with symptoms of MIS-C to be treated, to report the cases. The CDC experts appealed to Doctors in deaths of children found to have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, a MIS-C consider disease. It has not yet been secured but that the syndrome can only occur in children.

Corona: children get sick four to six weeks after infection

The children’s doctor Sunil Sood at the Cohen children’s medical center in New York told the AFP news Agency, around half of young patients with MIS-C in his clinic had inflammation due to the heart muscle to have to be thoroughly station moved. In the case of other children, the disease had taken a mild course.

In most cases, the syndrome had occurred four to six weeks, according to a Coronavirus infection. In General, the children had therefore already antibodies against the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2. Sood spoke of a “belated and exaggerated immune reaction” of the body.

So far, cases of the syndrome have been reported only from Europe and North America. In Germany, according to Reports, ten children and young people are ill, none of them died. In Asia, no MIS were registered, however, so far,-C cases. Some physicians argued that some population groups are genetically are more prone to the syndrome than others. Scientifically, this theory is not proven, however.

Every year, 200 Kawasaki-cases in Germany

In Germany, there are at least 200 Kawasaki cases, said the children and youth doctor Philipp Henneke, a few days ago in a discussion of the Science Media centre. As a trigger of infections of various kinds come into question. It was basically a well-known phenomenon of infectious diseases that they were at times quite different. The range is rich of “asymptomatic up in the case of severely symptomatic”. This was something that doctors would have to daily deal with.

At the Moment, there is still more Kawasaki-cases, “which were not Corona-associated”. But that could change. “We need a longer observation period,” says Henneke.

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