Common cold: 5 myths you can forget

Sore throat, cough and colds: In Winter, the common cold viruses, the peak of the season. Our immune system is the infection usually easily done, but the symptoms are just totally annoying.

Especially when you regularly through The year developing adults, on average, four Times on a cold, children catch it, even up to ten Times.

Anyone who has a cold, wants to be rid of the disease, of course, as quickly as possible. Therefore, there is a bunch of tips for a quick Cure.

Not all of them are good, but also really something – these five pieces of advice, for example, are true cold myths, you quickly forget can.

1. Myth: you can drive out the cold

Sport is universal as healthy. I have a cold but are in need of rest and plenty of sleep is the Right thing to do. Only in this way, the immune system can be strengthened to fight the virus quickly.

Otherwise, the two stress factors act on the human body, the claim the immune system, the pathogens in the body, and the sporting effort.

“Both of these stress hormones. This sub-press in turn the immune responses of the body needs to fight viruses or bacteria,“ explains Dr. Axel Preßler, head physician at the center for Preventive and Rehabilitative sports medicine of the Technical University of Munich.

Sports weakens the immune system in the disease case, in addition to, and therefore counterproductive. In the case of a cold, it is, therefore, “off to bed” instead of “on the sports field”.

2. Myth: A cold can develop into flu

Also, this is not true, because the pathogens of the common cold and the Flu are very different. The perpetrator of a flu are the so-called Influenza viruses, the common cold is caused by a variety of different cold viruses.

From the common cold can be, therefore, not the flu. The Cold can be contagious but in addition with the flu virus.

Both apart, you can Orient yourself to the following principle: In the case of a flu, the symptoms occur suddenly, whereas a cold develops slowly and often with kopsch merzen, malaise, lethargy, or Shivering begins.

If you caught a flu, you feel tiredness and fatigue is also much more than a simple cold. Strong head and body aches as well as fever tend to talk for a flu.

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3. Mistake: Blowing your nose is better than pulling

On The Contrary. The Secretion passes through the pulling in the throat and is then swallowed. The stomach acid takes care of the Rest and make the pathogen harmless. Vigorous Blowing your nose, however, can the nasal secretions in the can carry in addition to caves, where it can trigger inflammation.

A good Alternative to the handkerchiefs are showers Nose, says ear, nose and throat doctor Jörg Lindemann, compared to the ‘apotheken Umschau’: “viruses and bacteria washes away the nasal lavage, and also the mucus will be removed,” says the expert.

4. Error: an Extra dose of Vitamin C prevents colds

Not true. It is true that Vitamin No life is an important Vitamin for our immune system. However, also water-soluble.

This means that we everything that we have absorbed too much of it, excrete via the urine. It remains, therefore, ineffective. A scientific protection evidence that high doses of Vitamin C yet.

5. Error: If one is coughing, you are sick too

This assumption is true only if the organism is weak and the immune system cannot fight off the invading pathogens. The greater danger lies in the indirect Transmission (smear infection) on Hands or towels, doorknobs, and other materials on which viruses to survive.

Therefore, it is especially important to wash during the cold season, regularly and thoroughly to the hands and to take more time than the most common.

According to the Robert Koch-Institute, you should RUB in the soap, in fact, whole 20 to 30 seconds between the fingers and make sure that the entire Hand is soapy and the soap foam in between the fingers and under the finger nails.

Judith Kerstgens

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