Brandenburg wants to introduce measles vaccination

In Brandenburg, the parents must let their children in the future against measles be vaccinated to attend day-care centres and other day care facilities. The regional vaccination, pending a nationwide mandatory regulations exist.

The Parliament has agreed on Thursday evening to a corresponding request from the SPD Left and CDU, with a broad majority. He is now entrusted with the task of creating regulations to implement the decision. The vaccination is not immediately valid.

“The measles to be among the most dangerous of children’s diseases”, – stated in the letter of Application. Vaccination is a very effective prevention measure. Nevertheless, it always come back to diseases. “Numerous extensions of the voluntary vaccinations have thus, apparently, the goal to defeat this disease, to-be-missed.”

In addition to the vaccination requirements for daycare children should be facilitated according to the request, the access to Vaccinate. In addition, a comprehensive campaign to inform about the risks of measles. The infection can also cause for years after the decay of the illness to a potentially deadly inflammation of the brain.

Only 73.5 per cent of two year olds vaccinated

The Standing Committee on vaccination at the Robert Koch-Institute recommends that children within the first two years, twice against measles vaccination: for The first Time between the eleventh and 14., the second between the 15. 23. Month. To achieve this goal according to the request, in Brandenburg, only 73.5 per cent of the children.

In a further step, Brandenburg wants to check whether also in the case of other infectious diseases, mandatory vaccinations are necessary. In addition, the state on the Federal Council to introduce an Initiative, a Federal advance-wide compulsory vaccination.

The Federal government is currently reviewing the possibility of a legal obligation to be vaccinated against measles. According to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) had been the very least the Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey (SPD) for a measles vaccination. “The health and the protection of the entire population of individual freedom limits,” said Giffey.

The application of the Brandenburg state Parliament that more than 70,000 young children in Germany have no measles protection. In addition, the necessary second vaccination is lacking in many young adults. Measles are highly contagious. Of 100 people who are not protected by vaccination or a previous infection, ill 95.

Germany: 263 cases up to 24. March

The Robert Koch-Institute, this year ill already 263 people to the measles, the current Numbers range up to 24. March. Actually, the infectious disease should be eradicated in Europe by 2015.

Some parents, especially measles vaccinations skeptical, with decades-old misinformation that are circulating. In 1998, a team of researchers claimed to Andrew Wakefield, vaccination against measles, Mumps and rubella could cause autism. Due to a “dishonest” representation of the results the publication has been withdrawn.

Meanwhile, several studies have clearly reflected that there is a connection between vaccination and autism (most recently here). Nevertheless, the damage of the false information continues to today.