Better than drugs? These sports help with depression, pain, and headache

Sport is suitable for far more than to burn calories. Who moves regularly, doing his body some Good. Many sports can even help against diseases – sometimes better than medication.

Whether you are plagued by migraines, back pain or suffer from depression. Sport can create, in many cases, corrective measures. Scientists determined in different studies, such as specific types of sport against diseases. In one case they noticed the movement even better results than drugs.

Team sport against depression

Sport has a positive effect on the Psyche. The determined Yale and Oxford researchers last year in a large-scale study. They analyzed data from over 1.2 million US-Americans and observed how sports influenced their mental health. They found: people who did sports on a regular basis, felt better. This was particularly true for team sports. But even while riding a Bicycle, aerobics, and activities in the fitness Studio, the researchers of the positive effects noted.

But be careful: More movement does not always equal a better mood. The scientists saw the largest effects in 45 minutes of physical activity three to five days a week. More than three hours of Sport you are associated in comparison to any Sport, however, with a worse mental health.

Young to keep up with Cycling: a three quarter of an hour per week is enough

If you cycle regularly, are doing something against the aging of his cells. According to the US researchers three short Interval sessions per week will help to slow down the cell age Tung. This includes 16 minutes of Cycling at high intensity will suffice per unit.

The delay in cellular aging, the researchers stated that the Training to maximize the breathing ability of the mitochondria at the cellular level. They found that a lower mitochondrial respiratory capacity increase, however, the frailty of a Person.

Endurance training for headaches

Who pain in forehead and temples plagues, you should try it once with endurance sports. In a small study, determined scientists, such as the frequency and intensity of migraine changed. The study participants made three times per week for 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. The Training consisted of Cycling, Workouts, Go on the elliptical and brisk.

Although the participants of the endurance training completed in comparison to the control group not less often migraine had. But not only the physical Fitness and activity levels improved, the study participants were also clear in everyday life better with the migraine. In addition, the intensity of the head was reduced and neck pain.

Strength training against back pain

Whether from Sitting or a bad attitude – a lot of suffering pain chronic back. To counter this, is strength training. It supports and stabilizes the muscles and provides a better posture. In addition, strength training women, protects post-menopausal osteoporosis and bone fracture. The discovered a study by US researchers. The scientists found that women, half as many vertebral fractures had a strong back muscles even as untrained women.

More on the topic of back pain, you can read here.

Recovery after stroke

Even after a stroke, the Sport can do wonders. The discovered by an international team of researchers from the London School of Economics and Harvard Medical School. They evaluated approximately 300 studies out of a total of approximately 340,000 patients. They compared the influence of exercise compared to taking medication. Overall, they found that people in the rehabilitation phase, benefited after a stroke, very of sports.

In many cases, achieved through regular exercise, better results than medication. The Foundation German stroke help recommends sports such as Gymnastics, athletics or Swimming. This will help to strengthen endurance, coordination, flexibility and strength, as well as to stabilize the Psyche.

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