Beards are filthy as a dog’s fur – but, one has to resort to the razor?

In beards are supposedly more bacteria, as in dog’s fur. Want to at least have Swiss researchers from the Hirslander clinic in Zurich. In a random sampling of the study, the scientists smears from 18 bearded men and 30 dogs compared. Thus, whether microbes in the facial hair much more than the four-legged friends. The result, however, is rather a curious coincidence detection. Because the researchers wanted to find out whether men’s beards dog can absorb diseases. To shaver beard lovers do not need to grab. Andreas Gutzeit, head of the study, to: bacteria are found everywhere on the body. The Beard is no longer than elsewhere. In addition, the stitch are not enough samples to make a statement to identify strong result. Still, would have Expected this result certainly hardly any.