7 Mouth guard types, and what they hide under their mask

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Even if it is for some still a little unusual to wear A Mouth guard belongs at the moment of our everyday lives now. So clearly the mask is a duty in itself, so different from the ways of the people are to deal with it …

7 Mouth guard types, and what’s under your mask

1. The stylish type

The stylish type to any Outfit with the right mask. For him, the Motto applies: If mouth wear protection, with style! Who holds the stylish type, therefore, for superficial, does him an injustice: to pay attention to his Look, his manner, to make the Best out of the Situation, and gives him at least a little bit the feeling to be in control. An all-too-understandable urge, and it’s not a bad strategy, to react to it.

2. The (over-)motivated type

The (over-)motivated type is determined for the Virus by using consistent wearing of a mouth guard cut off. Whether on the street, walk in the Park or on the bike, the motivated type its mask sets (except probably in his apartment) never, even if he should. Therefore, he is looked at, although now and again from some people is funny, but he takes: He needs just the certainty that everything in his Power tried and to have done to be able to sleep at night.

3. The Slob

The slob knows somehow never where his mask is, and must often be pointed out, that he must put on. Forced to, he improvises with his clothes, other times with handkerchiefs, and his mouth finds protection often somewhere in the depths of his backpack, when it is too late. The slob would hide the loved one, in whatever Situation we are in, but its Best to keep to the rules.

4. The (after-)casual type

The (after-)casual type, although not so convinced by the mask of duty, would make but never take the trouble of getting (emotionally) or other countries. The relaxed type often uses disposable masks that he wears until they fall apart. On the road or in the car, he pulls out his Mouth guard typically under the chin, because he finds the practical, and he doesn’t care, when welding, Etc. into drips. The (after-)casual way to wear a mask, often reflects the strong desire to have to do with the Coronavirus, nothing – an attitude of mind in which we can put us all in.


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5. The Optimist

The optimists, it is pretty much a mask to wear something or not, he finds it great that we at least try! In fact, the optimistic type and even the protection of pleasure in the Mouth, especially the variety of patterns and colors makes him in a good mood. In addition, the Optimist, has found that he looks much more intense in the eyes, if you wear a mask, and that he finds beautiful – as well as the fact that he himself is a Mouth guard kind of relaxed, because he has to fear, is neither so extreme, to infect others, to have something between the teeth, that could irritate his Opposite ; The Optimist just can’t see otherwise, as always, the Positive, and that helps him best through the crisis.

6. The grudging type

The grudging type of quarrels a lot with the mask of duty. It sucks totally that they get on with a Mouth guard so hard that you can breathe, and that, in the field of view is so funny. Therefore, the grudging type, situations where he has to wear a mask to avoid as far as it goes tried, and upset regularly about it, that we are all obliged to do so. The reluctant guy is just a very emotional person and it is sooo much easier to wrangle with a mask of duty and let off steam than with a unconquerable Virus.

7. The Stoics

Of the Stoics with respect to the mask duty completely dispassionately. Mouth protection, shop enter, shop, pay, annual leave, Mouth guard. So the game is at the moment. Nevertheless, the Stoics in General, top is aware of what mask offers what protection and how and how often you and change you should wash. “Do what I can, accept what cannot be changed” – this is the motto of the Stoics is both through life and through the crisis.

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