This Is What You Need To Know About Virgo Season 2021


By Paige McBride/Aug. 25, 2021 11:33 am EDT

Virgo is known as the “get it done” sign. Corresponding with this energy, Virgo season often involves buckling down after summer — heading back to school, coming home after vacation and recommitting to your goals. Indeed, following a busy summer season, it’s likely time to get your things in order and pave your way forward.

According to Mindbodygreen, Virgo acts as the zodiac’s improvement guru by finding the things in your life that you can make better. Between August 22nd and September 22nd, you may recommit yourself to old projects, clean out your home or take some time to focus on your health. Essentially, this season shows you where you can do things better mentally, physically and emotionally. While this energy can do wonders for your home and career, it can sometimes be taxing for your mental state.

Virgos are often prone to perfectionism that can sometimes become debilitating. Make sure that when you’re taking inventory of your routine that you don’t overdo it. The outlet explains that this can lead to a tendency of getting stuck on the small details rather than staying on track. Plus, this experience also lends itself to harsh self-criticism and subsequent anxiety. The biggest thing to remember with this aspect of Virgo season is staying on track rather than making sure everything is “perfect”.

Virgo brings a new sense of concentration

If you remember the back-to-school feeling, you may recall getting super organized before you stepped into the classroom — and you can thank Virgo season for that. This earth sign helps you dig your heels in and focus on whatever you’re looking to create for yourself. Bustle reports that in the first week of the season, both Mercury and Mars will be traveling through Virgo as well — making this energy even more intense. This is a great time to hone in on tedious or time-intensive projects as your focus will be incredibly sharp. Furthermore, the full moon on September 6th is a potent moment to set new intentions and envision new goals for yourself, the outlet adds.

Mindbodygreen offers a few practices to try throughout this season to keep yourself focused without the overwhelm. For instance, taking a digital detox can bring some much-needed clarity and a sense of calm that you may have missed all summer long. Especially with how loud social media is right now, giving yourself space to enjoy the small moments in your life can be an incredible gift. Try taking an hour without screens and consider gradually making your way up to 24 hours to experience the full benefit. Additionally, small acts of kindness this season can go a long way and help you stay grounded. Staying humble and doing things for others will lift your spirits and make the world a brighter place — no matter what the news says. Lastly, try writing things out and expressing yourself creatively to release any pent-up energy that’s been stagnant all summer long.

Expect new levels of focus this Virgo season, just make sure to stay grounded and still practice self-care.

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