Serena Williams Didn’t Tell Daughter Olympia She Was Pregnant Before the Met Gala for This Relatable, Totally-Toddler Reason

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s 5-year-old daughter Olympia must have been shocked if she stayed up to watch her parents at the Met Gala on Monday night. Mainly because the 23-time Grand Slam champion didn’t fill her in that she was pregnant with baby number 2 until after she shared the news with the world!

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In a new video posted to Instagram today, Williams reveals the totally-toddler reason she kept the big news a secret, and honestly, it’s so relatable.

  • Olympia Didn’t Find Out About Her Mom’s Pregnancy Until After The Met Gala

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    “Olympia does not know right now that I am pregnant,” Williams says in the video. “So the big reveal will be at the Met, and then before we leave, I’ll tell Olympia.”

    Sounds like a decent plan, right? Williams then breaks down exactly why she chose to do it this way.

    “The reason I haven’t told her is ‘cause, she can’t keep a secret,” Williams explains.

    Ha! Can you imagine? The second I told my then-4-year-old about my pregnancy with his baby brother, he told the world — family, teachers, people at the grocery store. They are just so proud and excited to get a little sibling, they can’t help it! So if you don’t want everyone you know — or, literally, the whole world in Williams’ case — to know about your pregnancy, then you cannot tell a toddler.


  • People Could Relate

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    Anyone who knows toddlers thought this was a fablous idea.

    Ashley Graham commented, “Love love love this!” 

    “Ohhhhh I love the suspense!!!” one person wrote, adding, “Also… all of us are Olympia. You can’t tell us NOTHINNNNNN! We wouldn’t have held it. Lol!!”

    “Not she can’t keep a secret😂😂😂,” another person said. 

    Someone else wrote, “Olympia would’ve spilled the tea 😂🤣.”

    “Toddlers do NOT know how to keep secrets foreal😂😂.”

    Williams video was also posted on her new YouTube channel, which you can surbscribe to for even more behnd-the-scenes moments of the growing family (and hopefully we’ll get Olympia’s full reaction, soon!). 

  • Olympia Has Been Praying for a Little Sibling

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    Olympia will be excited, though, because she’s been praying for a sibling. 

    In an essay written for Vogue in Aug. 2022, Williams says that Olympia can’t wait to be a big sister. “Olympia says this a lot, even when she knows I’m listening,” she wrote. “Sometimes before bed, she prays to Jehovah to bring her a baby sister. (She doesn’t want anything to do with a boy!)” 

    Williams continued, “I’m the youngest of five sisters myself, and my sisters are my heroes, so this has felt like a moment I need to listen very carefully to.”

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