Jennifer Garner Has the Best Way to Teach Kids Kindness: Let Them ‘See It Matter To You’

Jennifer Garner knows that her kids, like all kids, have a sponge-like ability to soak up life’s lessons — especially when they’re taught by their role models through real-life scenarios.

During a conversation with Parents, the mom of three — Violet, 16, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 10 —recalled helping a struggling stranger cross a street while she was out with her kids. The actress stopped what she was doing, pulled over the car, and showed kindness to a person in need while her children looked on. “It wasn’t a huge thing,” she said, “But my kids have spoken more about that moment than anything else.”

The moment proved to her that her kids are watching what’s happening around them, and that she has the power to teach them to be kind humans without having to say a single word to them — she can simply be a living example.

Garner explained, “I think the most powerful thing to do is to live it, and live it rippling out from your home, whether that’s a next door neighbor or someone at church, taking them a meal and taking your kids along as you do it. For something bigger, like really being involved in an organization, let your kids see it matter to you. That’s the way to teach them.”

The actress is no stranger to getting involved — she’s been working with the international humanitarian aid organization Save the Children for over a decade, which focuses on bettering the health of children from birth to 5 years old at a global scale.

Garner’s involvement with Save the Children’s cause inspired her to co-found Once Upon a Farm, an organic family food company that produces healthy, nutrient-dense meals for babies and kids, with a focus on making their cold-pressed baby food available to parents on WIC in the United States.

Of the latter part of the company’s mission, Garner explained, “It just changes [babies’ and young kids’] palate and helps them start off with a preference for fresh food and fruits and vegetables instead of sugar and instead of super processed food. We want to help set palettes to help just grow a healthier nation.”

With a compassionate and caring mom like her, we’re sure Garner’s kids are learning how to be kind from one of the best.

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