Jenna Jameson’s ‘First Meal of the Day’ Involves Hamburger

When it comes to the keto diet, Jenna Jameson Opens a New Window. has become an unofficial expert. So when she shares what she eats in a day, we listen!

Jameson — who has shared several versions of her daily keto menu, including what she ate when she was on vacation Opens a New Window. recently — revealed a new breakfast option to her Instagram fans on Monday, April 1. It has three simple ingredients: hamburger, eggs and a spicy sauce.

To make the dish, Jameson, 44, scrambles three eggs — keeping milk out at the moment, she said, because she’s felt bloated lately — then adds browned, ground kosher hamburger meat and a dollop of hot sauce.

“For everybody asking what hot sauce I used yesterday with my eggs and hamburger, it’s this, the chili garlic sauce,” she later said while holding up a jar of Huy Fong Foods’ Vietnamese style Chili Garlic Sauce. “I don’t know where I got it, but you can just Google it,” she added.

Because Jameson also employs intermittent fasting Opens a New Window. , she usually starts her day with a coffee at 8 a.m. and eats breakfast around 11 a.m. In her Story, she referred to the hamburger dish as her “first meal of the day.”

The star frequently shares her delicious recipes Opens a New Window. with clever names, including her “Bomblette,” an omelet with cheese, chives, veggies and avocado on the side and her “Savage Cabbage,” roasted cabbage halves seasoned with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and paprika.

For nearly a year, the mother of 23-month-old daughter Batel has been cataloging her impressive weight loss journey on Instagram. In November 2018, she revealed she’d lost a whopping 80 pounds in about six months. She has since dropped more weight and continues to tone up her body Opens a New Window. as well.

The former adult film actress has been honest with her fans about the struggles she’s faced along the way, the reason she decided to get healthy Opens a New Window. and how she stays on track mentally as well as physically. “I urge other moms to live for themselves and take it slow,” she told Us in December 2018. “To revel in the little victories and small progressions. Don’t put pressure on yourself, society does enough of that!”

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