Jana Kramer Did a Weekend Workout for a Hilarious Reason

Jana Kramer Opens a New Window. always keeps it real — and it’s no different when it comes to her fitness regimen.

The 35-year-old country singer shared a mirror selfie Opens a New Window. from her bedroom on Sunday, March 10, in which she wore pink yoga pants, a workout tank top and sneakers. “I want nothing to do with this messy room,” she wrote. “So I’m gonna work out and then come back and figure it out then.” She added the hashtags, #weekends, #momlife, #mess. In the background was an unmade bed with several items on top and piles of clothes on chairs.

Despite her joke, the One Tree Hill alum is dedicated to her gym routine. And as her trainer Erin Oprea told Us in February 2019, the mom of two (with husband Mike Caussin) is in such great shape now — 3 months after welcoming son Jace Opens a New Window. — because she kept up her workouts while expecting. “She had a lot of discipline during her pregnancy. She really stayed on track,” said Oprea. “We worked out consistently and not every workout was hard and things weren’t always intense, but we worked out consistently ‘til the day before the baby was born and so her bounce-back was quick.” (Kramer still found herself fighting off trolls who body-shamed her one week post-birth Opens a New Window. .)

Kramer’s healthy diet also helped. “I contribute so much of it to her eating,” Oprea said of the star. “She’s a clean eater and she’s gorgeous.” Added the former Marine, “She’s killing it. She looks phenomenal.”

As Kramer herself told Us last October, her active lifestyle benefited her emotionally as well as physically while she was expecting, “Working out has always helped my mood and energy. When I don’t, I’m crabbier. I like this pregnancy so much better than the first one just because I feel healthier. It really does help the mind.” Kramer also has daughter Jolie, 3.

During her exercise sessions with Oprea, Kramer does plenty of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata circuits as well as strength training. Oprea has told Us that she encourages her clients — including Carrie Underwood Opens a New Window. , Kelsea Ballerini Opens a New Window. , Maren Morris Opens a New Window. and Kacey Musgraves Opens a New Window. — to embrace lifting: “Don’t be scared of weights — weights make pretty muscles.”

Another one of the pro’s mantras? “You never regret the workout you did, you only regret the workout you didn’t do,” she told Us. “I’m not saying every workout is going to be your absolute best workout, but the goal is to just move. Some workouts are better than others. Every day is not perfect, smiley and happy-go-lucky, but that’s real life for everybody whether you’re a celebrity or a regular person, it doesn’t matter. I say ‘Just move your body. Move, move, move.’”

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