Heather Rae Young Talks About Co-Parenting With Christina Anstead

Successful co-parenting is a skill — and it almost always requires hard-work for all parties involved. That said, there are plenty of celebrities who we look up to as co-parenting goals, and dare we say that list just got bigger, thanks to Heather Rae Young and Christina Anstead, who already seem to be mastering co-parenting with finesse and ease?

In a new interview with Life & Style, Selling Sunset star Young revealed her tips for managing her life with fiancé Tarek El Moussa’s children with Anstead. “It’s going great. Everything is going great. Everything is for the kids,” Young told the publication. “We have really good communication. The kids are in school so it’s just coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs so it’s been really good spending a lot more quality time with the kids.”

HGTV Flip or Flop co-stars Anstead and El Moussa were married for seven years before making the decision to part ways in 2016. They share 10-year-old daughter Taylor and 5-year-old son Brayden together. Before their split, the two were business partners and have remained coworkers since then, so it’s no wonder they have maintained a positive relationship.

Young and El Moussa started dating in 2019 and got engaged in July of this year. However, the couple has been careful not to mix their personal business with Anstead, and have kept their private lives separate aside from matters that concern their children.

“You know, we support her when it comes to co-parenting and communicating but that’s about it,” she told the publication. “We don’t mix our lives with hers. We’re supportive for the kids and that’s really it.”

She added: “We have the kids on Christmas Day. We’ll probably do something with Tarek’s family and hopefully, my parents will be able to be there too. And hopefully, my family can join us then.”

During the holidays more than ever, things can get a little complicated in the co-parenting area. So we’re happy to see that these parents are already ahead of the game and have their family plans figured out.

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