Healthier Than Ever! Al Roker Dropped 40 Lbs on the Keto Diet

Living his best life! Al Roker is healthier than ever before, thanks to the keto diet.

The Today cohost Opens a New Window. , 64, dropped a significant amount of weight since he started the high-fat, low-carb routine in September 2018. Roker talked about his achievement while baking keto bread during the show’s food segment on Monday, March 4, and told Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie that he “lost about 40 lbs” on the program.

“My cholesterol, just had it checked out a few weeks ago, everything’s good,” exclaimed Roker, who has documented his weight loss journey via Instagram and frequently shares photos of his mouthwatering meals.  Opens a New Window.

The “Off the Rails” host also doesn’t shy away from slamming keto critics Opens a New Window. , including celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.

“So @JillianMichaels says #Keto is a bad idea. This from a woman who promoted on camera bullying, deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss,” he tweeted in January. “Now those sound like bad ideas to me.”

Roker also challenged Michaels, 45, on Today later that month: “My point is, what works for you, works for you. There’s science on both sides that says it’s not a great idea and science that says it is a good idea. I think it’s up to people — with their doctor, with their medical professional — [to make their own decision].”

Michaels, for her part, clapped back at the Emmy winner on the January 23 episode of her “Skimm’d From the Couch” podcast. “What’s so disappointing is that, for years, I’ve done the Today show,” she recalled. “For years, I’ve done segments with this guy. I was always greeted with the, ‘Kiddo,’ right? And the big hug and the ‘How’s the family?’ And, like, I always thought we were homies.”

The 6 Keys author defended her disapproval of the keto diet by adding: “I’m not just a fitness trainer. I have three certifications. I do continuing education. I’m a certified nutritionist. … And I’m not making up these studies.”

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