Cindy Crawford’s Son Presley Gerber Finally Revealed the Surprising Way His Mom Reacted to Getting Tattooed at 15

It’s no secret that Cindy Crawford gave birth to some seriously cool kids, like supermodel-in-the-making Kaia Gerber and model/ mental-health advocate Presley Gerber. While most of the Crawford-Gerber family sway away from the edgy things like tattoos and piercings, Presley couldn’t be more different (we all remember the controversial face tattoo!) In fact, he got his first tattoo at 15 — and Crawford’s reaction is not what we expected.

In a recent and candid interview on the Studio 22 Podcast, Presley revealed that he got his first tattoo at 15: the word ‘Grateful’ in a large font on his forearm. “That was my first tattoo,” he said. “At 15 years old, I had a really interesting experience and I literally went and got my first tattoo. He was in Canada, the guy in there didn’t check my ID, bing bong came home with a tattoo.”

Now, Presley thought he was being slick by wearing an oversized look to cover it all up, but parents always know. He said, “I’m in board shorts and a huge hoodie. I eat dinner with them [my parents] – everything is a little off, but I eat, I’m talking, we go and watch a movie together. Middle of the movie, [they press] pause, [and say] ‘Hey Pres, take off your hoodie.’”

Now here was the Meaningful Beauty founder’s reaction: “That moment, my mom looked at me and she actually didn’t get mad. She just said, ‘Show your dad,’ and that was the scariest thing that I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth.”

He added, “I literally teleported through the walls [to my room]. But it was worth it to me. Something really tragic happened and something. Now of course I’ve had some [tattoos] done that I could do without but that’s how it started out with some reminders I would want on me.”

So there you have it: while Crawford has always been supportive of her kids, she definitely wasn’t the happiest when her son Presley got a tattoo at age 15. But she didn’t ground him or yell, she just said the dreaded, ‘Show your dad’ line. To be honest, that can be just as scary.

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The Becoming author and former model Rande Gerber share two children together named Presley, 23, and Kaia, 21.

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