Christina Aguilera's 7-Year-Dld Daughter Just Figured Out Her Mom Is Famous

Christina Aguilera has been busted for being an international pop star. The singer told Billboard on Wednesday that her daughter, 7-year-old Summer Rain, just discovered that her mom is famous.

“She was like, ‘Mom, somebody asked me, ‘Is your mom famous?’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know.’”

Then, Summer turned the question on Aguilera.

“Are you?” she asked.  In that moment, Aguilera tried to figure out the best way to explain the word “famous” to her daughter. “It just means a lot of people might know who you are … and they come to hear me sing,” she responded.

Aguilera went on to tell Billboard that she doesn’t want Summer to get too caught up on the whole idea of fame. “With social media, she’s growing up in a different world, so I always try to root the values and what’s meaningful in life,” she explained.

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When it comes to family time, Aguilera is all play and no work. “I’m not like, ‘Hey listen to Mom’s new music,’ I’m not that person at all,” she said. “At home, it’s like sweatpants, mom vibes.”

Whenever the singer talks about spending time with Summer and her 14-year-old son Max, it’s always the sweetest.

“I’m a huge kid at heart, and they give me the opportunity to play and be able to instill and encourage their imaginations,” Aguilera told Haute Living in 2019. “You’re part of these amazing little people’s lives, and it teaches you patience and teaches you things about yourself that you don’t like, that you want to work on. It’s a constant journey of learning. They teach me so much and they challenge me all the time to be better.”

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And it’s never going to really matter how famous Aguilera is – her daughter has no patience for her singing sometimes. “My daughter will be like, ‘Shh, I’m trying to sleep,’” Aguilera told Kelly Clarkson in 2019. Nothing like kids to keep us grounded and humble.

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