Celebs Who’ve Frozen Their Eggs

Predicting what the future holds for you — from the turns your career will take to the kind of money you’ll be making to the person you may end up with and beyond — is nearly impossible to do. Things get even trickier when you’re trying to plan your family or figuring out when you want to have children. Sure, you can’t schedule everything according to a preset timeline, but at least there’s some comfort in preparing ahead of time and making sure that when and if the time is right for you to have a child, you’re still able to make that happen.

And that brings us to the family-planning option of freezing your eggs or embryos (eggs that have already been fertilized). People have a plethora of reasons for choosing to freeze their eggs, but we don’t frequently hear much about what those reasons are — or even who has done it. On that note, let’s check out which celebs have frozen their eggs or embryos, whether it was for future planning or because of issues preventing them from conceiving naturally.

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