Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Has the Magic Touch With a Kangaroo & the Picture Is Priceless

Bindi Irwin’s latest photo proves her 2-year-old daughter Grace Warrior is an animal whisperer. The toddler apparently has a magic touch with kangaroos, which, given her family name, is not at all surprising!

The Australia Zoo conservationist posted an adorable new picture to her Instagram Story of Grace. She looks all grown up with her pretty brown hair half up in a messy ponytail to keep it out of her face. The toddler is wearing a white animal-print shirt (!) with pink pants and sneakers, and she’s crouching down in the dirt at the zoo to better reach a kangaroo lying down. With a toy animal in one hand, Grace reaches over with the other hand to pet the kangaroo, who is much bigger than her. The kangaroo’s face is turned toward the camera, with its eyes closed and mouth hanging open in an expression of pure joy from being petted by Grace. It’s adorable!

Bindi captioned the photo, “Kangaroo expressions are priceless @australiazoo.”

Grace doesn’t look scared of the kangaroo at all, likely because she’s grown up surrounded by these marsupials.

In Nov. 2021, Bindi’s husband Chandler Powell joked that their then 7-month-old daughter joined the kangaroo mob.

“I think Grace has decided that she’s part of the kangaroo mob,” he wrote on Instagram. He also posted a precious photo of her surrounded by kangaroos in her stroller. He shared another photo of Grace a bit older, this time smiling because they “spotted a mob of kangaroos.”

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But sometimes, she’s less than thrilled with the animal. In July 2023, Grace’s grandma Terri Irwin shared a darling photo of the little girl with one hand on her hip looking sassy as a kangaroo had the audacity to turn away from her!

“When you’re trying to make a point, but you’re being tactfully ignored!” Terri captioned the delightful moment.

Some kids get to grow up with a family dog or cat, others may live on land with chickens or horses or cows. But Grace Warrior gets to live in the Australia Zoo filled with kangaroos and other amazing creatures, and she is going to grow up so confident around all wildlife. Just like her grandpa, the late Steve Irwin, would have wanted!

These celeb families wouldn’t be complete without their furry friends.

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