Bethenny Frankel Tells Body-Shamers to ‘F–ck Off’: ‘Yeah I’m Skinny’

Bethenny Frankel Opens a New Window. isn’t about to be intimidated by body-shamers for her thin frame — and the queen of comebacks wants everyone to know!

The Real Housewives of New York City Opens a New Window.  star and founder of the SkinnyGirl product line has been slammed by critics for years who have said she’s too skinny. So in her Instagram story on Monday night, February 18, after she posted a video of herself tearing into an ice cream sundae, she preempted trolls by writing on the next slide: “Yeah I’m skinny. So tell me to eat a burger or that I’m gonna throw it up #f–ckoff.”

It’s not the first time Frankel, 48, went on the offensive Opens a New Window. in recent times. In January, she posted a photo of a giant, triple cheeseburger on Instagram with the caption, “People tell me to eat a cheeseburger (or 3.) Then what?”

And when she dressed as a Victoria’s Angel model on Halloween last year, she clapped back Opens a New Window. at people who said she was too old to wear the costume — and at those who said she ripped off the Kardashians’ VS Halloween costumes Opens a New Window. .

“For those haters, I suppose that monetizing reality TV is not the only good idea that the Kardashians and I have shared simultaneously,” she wrote in her comments section, adding, “For those who bash theirs or my body, go hate somewhere else.”

The fiery star, who once had a workout program called Body By Bethenny, was also slammed for wearing a size-4 bathing suit Opens a New Window. in an Us Weekly photoshoot three weeks after welcoming her daughter Bryn in May 2010. At the time, she told Us she didn’t “believe in dieting” and lost the weight eating her usual pre-pregnancy foods. After the controversy, she told Us that while she indulged during pregnancy, she ate responsibly Opens a New Window. . “I had cheesecake. I had a dessert every day, but I didn’t go overboard,” she said. “I think people go crazy and that’s why they gain so much weight. People just have to be reasonable: Food is not your best friend or your enemy.”

In October 2016, the mogul mused about societal body-image pressures on the Fortune Unfiltered podcast: “I think being thin is a very, very polarizing thing. I think people get mad at you for it, or it makes themselves feel better if they can just say, ‘Well, she doesn’t eat and she works out every day’ — neither of which are true,” she explained. “So the thin thing is a whole tricky situation.”

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