Andy Cohen's 4-Year-Old Son 'Taking Over' His Dad's Show Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

For a long time we’ve thought of Andy Cohen as the irreplaceable king of Bravo, but it turns out there is the perfect heir. And he’s been right under our nose the entire time! On Tuesday, Cohen’s 4-year-old son took over the control room at Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and it was absolutely adorable.

In a video Cohen shared on Instagram, Ben gasps and then happily squeals after he pushes a button that pulls up not one, but four images of his dad.

“WWHL Technical Director Reneé Butler is going to have Ben directing the show pretty soon!” Cohen captioned the video he shared on Instagram, and we would totally support this nepo baby.

“king!!!!” the WWHL Instagram account commented.

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“😍😍😍😍😍” Lindsay Lohan commented, and now we are totally fan girling because the The Parent Trap star has the same eyes as we do.

“Someone needs to explain why he’s so fkng adorable,” a fan wrote.

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It’s your lucky day, “mfrances76,” because we are happy to oblige. First there are his chubby cheeks (although not quite as chubby as his little sister Lucy’s), his “big kid” swooshy haircut, the determination and confidence with which he presses the buttons, and the sheer shock and delight he experiences when his dad pops up — in multiplicity!

This is not the first time Cohen’s kiddos have appeared in the Bravo studio. In Oct. 2022, a rosy-cheeked Lucy joined her dad at “BravoCon.”

“Awwwwwww,” Khloe Kardashian commented.

Bravo stars Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura jumped in too saying “Awww adorable ❤️” and “Omg! 😍😍.”

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And IKYMI, Ben and Anderson Cooper’s son Wyatt took to the talk show’s stage in April 2022 (and we wouldn’t mind a reunion … just saying!).

“New WWHL co-hosts Ben & Wyatt are taking over my show. Thanks for a great run, Bravo!” captioned yet another adorable post.

Cohen has spoken before about how grateful he is for Cooper’s friendship, especially after the two became dads. He is “so glad” their kids (Cohen’s Ben, 4, Lucy 10 months and Cooper’s Wyatt, 2, and Sebastian, 1) will get to grow up together and bond over having gay dads.

“We are these geriatric patients hobbling around chasing our children, but look — it’s another bonding thing,” Cohen said on an episode of the iHeartMedia podcast Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi. “I think what is going to be really interesting to us, as it develops, is being gay dads and as our kids start realizing more and more ‘Oh I have gay dads.’”

These celebrity LGBTQ+ families are proving that love is love.

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