7 Latina Parenting Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now

Whether it’s through their unique perspective on parenting, fashion advice, and yummy recipes, having a few parenting bloggers among your Instagram follows never hurt anyone. Parenting is hard enough and it takes a village after all, so why not learn a thing or two from these amazing moms who are honoring and celebrating their Latina culture every day. From Latin-inspired dishes to what it’s like raising multicultural children, these Latina parenting influencers are here to keep it real, and we couldn’t be happier.

It’s not easy putting your life on full frontal, especially in this day and age where people tend to be a little meaner online than they would in person, but that hasn’t stopped these moms. In fact, they hope that by sharing snippets of their daily lives and experiences, moms everywhere can feel less overwhelmed, and empowered to take life in stride. So, below, take a look at some of our favorite Latina parenting influencers and bloggers. You may learn a thing or two (I’m hoping to learn how to make chicken fajitas from My Dominican Kitchen) and get fellow mom support along the way.

Alicia Gibbs

Alicia Gibbs, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, photographer, and mother of four from New Jersey is the creator of Alicia Ever After. She aims to empower women to always lead by example by both looking and feeling good on the inside and out. Her blog covers everything and anything from fashion, beauty, food, fitness, faith, parenting, and more.


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Claudia Felix Garay

Claudia Felix Garay also known as “The Latina Mom” covers all things fashion, beauty, and parenting while raising her two boys and looking amazing while doing it. She currently lives in Los Angeles and also shares on her website, everything about her life, mom adventures, and family trips.


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Romelia Ramos

Romelia is the woman behind Life Through Mama Eyes, a lifestyle and family blog where she shares her life in Denver, Colorado with her three kids and husband. On her blog, she delves into her adventures of life as a mom, sharing innovative products for parents and showcasing my favorite products and reviews, from unboxing, first impressions, and everything in between. She also documents things categories such as DIY, bilingual parenting, food, home, culture, photography, women empowerment, and party planning.


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María Sierra

María is the woman behind La Cooquette, her blog where she covers all things recipes, life, travel, and parenting. Born in Honduras, María now resides in Tijuana, Mexico. According to her blog, she is “completely enamored by food and its ability to inspire and connect people.” So, you definitely see her sharing lots of recipes and food content. She’s also. a mom of two young girls and likes to share parenting experiences in the hopes of offering support to other moms.


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Ashley Segura 

Ashley Segura, 26, created the blog, New Mom in a New Era. There, she shares her passion for food, style, experiences with motherhood, and my culture. She currently lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two daughters. Through her blog, she aims to erase the negative stigma that comes along with creating a family at such a young age.


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Perla Farias

Perla is a 33-year-old mom of four (with two being twins), living in Arizona with her partner. On her blog, The Chicana Mama, she writes about her culture as a person of Mexican/Indigena descent, photography, wellness, pregnancy, and of course becoming a mother. She also shares helpful reviews on babywearing gear for moms and parents.


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Vanessa Mota 

Vanessa is the woman behind My Dominican Kitchen. As a working mom, she knows firsthand the struggles of parenting, especially when it comes to mealtime. But thanks to her delicious recipes, she’s helping busy moms put together tasty traditional Dominican and Latin-inspired meals without having to spend tons of time in the kitchen.


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