Workaholics beware: to work Overtime according to the study, dick

Who constantly makes Overtime loses only time for his Hobbies, friends, and relationship.

Research results from worldwide 19 studies also show devastating consequences for the health.

Thus, Workaholics tend to be reinforced zuÜbergewicht.

Normal weight take faster

In the in the International Journal of Obesity published study shows that, in particular, of normal weight and tend to be a lot of work to start gaining weight.

Of 61.141 people who were at the beginning of the investigation of normal weight, developed over an observation period of four years, more than 20 percent Overweight.

Already more than 35-40 hours of work per week was enough in this to from the beginning to the normal weight group for an increased risk for Obesity.

For the investigations, the researchers used the data from studies from Europe, the USA and Australia.

On the Basis of a total of 19 research results, the researchers formed different categories for the working hours, ranging from part-time job with 35 hours of work per week, standard working hours, through to occasional Overtime hours up to a permanent load of about 55 hours of work per week.

The more work, the greater the risk

The findings showed a clear connection between the working length and the risk of putting on weight.

The more you work, the greater the risk is to purchase of weight.

This can in turn result in the long term, a whole rat-tail of other health impairment.

Both the workers as well as on the part of employers, the research findings should thus trigger a special vigilance and preventive measures at the workplace to thinking.

On the treadmill, it works better

Valuable approaches to a study from Canada provides, for example, on the topic of “Active jobs”.

Including jobs to be understood, which the employees are able to work either in the Stand or even move while you are working.

In the gallery: tips for more movement in everyday life

For this, the researchers used treadmills, Steppers or bikes, in order to reduce the Sitting time spent of the employees and to measure possible effects.

Especially, the treadmill had a positive impact on the health of the subjects. It is not regulated, only the weight gain, but also had positive effects on blood sugar levels.

And what’s more: The scientists were even able to find a improved job performance.


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