Wonder spice: turmeric as well as cortisone?

In India and it is estimated there are already for a long time, now we will know because of versatile healing effects on the spice turmeric to your attention.

Turmeric, the Plant from whose root, a dried powder is obtained. Now a new study shows that turmeric has a similar anti-inflammatory effect to that of cortisone.

Turmeric helps with Allergy and joint complaints

Auyerveda-learned the variety of uses of turmeric have long been familiar with. Western science may some of them prove now by studies.

A German study explains now, the anti-inflammatory effect of the active substance, Curcumin, that makes the spice so useful.

“We were able to demonstrate that Curcumin affects only the non-specific, but rather quite specifically anti-inflammatory effect. On the basis of a series of experiments in cell models, we can prove that the spice such as cortisone influenced the Protein GILZ (Glucocorticoid-induced leucine Zipper),” says Alexandra Kiemer, a Professor of Pharmaceutical biology, compared with a wunderweib.de’.

Your Team was able to prove that turmeric is inferior in efficacy to cortisone, without its side effects. Just when Corticosteroids are taken in tablet form, you can lead over time to a bloated appearance, fatigue and other side effects.

That turmeric could be a real Alternative to the hormone is a good news for all the joints under inflammatory diseases, for example, pain, suffering.

How to take turmeric?

You can use turmeric for cooking, for example, in Chillis, stews or Risotto. In Smoothies, you can bring the healthy spice.

Or treat yourself to a turmeric Latte, and even Golden Milk. You can either take turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root that you peel and Write cut or with a Grater crush ‘ em up real similar to ginger.

You can add turmeric slices with hot water. Because of the bitter taste is best sparingly used and sweetened with honey. But be careful, this yellow color, it is serious and leaves a stain!

That’s why it can’t attract damage, latex gloves, if you with fresh turmeric to cook.

If you’re specifically on the healing effect, you need to take, however, large quantities of turmeric to you. In this case, you can Dodge but also on practical capsules that contain the crucial active ingredient Curcumin at a higher concentration.

If you have to effect and dosage issues are a doctor and a pharmacist or qualified personnel in the reform of the house appropriate contact person.

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