Woman is raising money to remove 15lb of painful excess skin after weight loss

Steff Kent, 32, has done the hard work of losing 12 stone, but her transformation isn’t complete.

The brewery worker has now been left with 15lb of painful excess skin after her dramatic weight loss, and is raising money to remove it through surgery.

Steff was 32 stone at her heaviest, and spent years feeling self-conscious of her weight.

After getting gastric band surgery and following a healthy diet, Steff lost a huge amount of weight – but has been left feeling insecure and uncomfortable with her body thanks to sagging excess skin on her stomach, arms, and legs.

She needs £17,000 for surgery so she can finally have the body she wants.

Steff said: ‘Having the skin removed would be life changing. I’ve spent my entire life getting gradually bigger regardless of the effort I’ve put into exercise or dieting.

‘I have never been slim, been able to wear a skirt or shorts without feeling horrific or getting dirty looks or comments made.

‘Being able to not feel like the biggest person in the room, being able to look in the mirror and like what I see will change my life.

‘I have always been overweight. When I was 2-years-old I weighed 2 stone, at 10-years-old I weighed 10 stone.

‘I’ve had people shout “run fatty” half way round a marathon from a pub bench whilst drinking beer.’

Steff decided to have a gastric bypass in December 2018, after years of an active and healthy lifestyle made little difference to her weight.

She had run several marathons in the years before, went to the gym several times a week, and worked a job that involved being on her feet all day.

The excess skin she has been left with doesn’t just make her feel self-conscious, but causes pain and discomfort, too.

‘Under my stomach and the top of my legs get sore and wobble with every step,’ Steff explains. ‘I get a rash on the skin on my arms.

‘I can’t really run anymore exercise-wise due to the pain of the bouncing skin.

‘At night I wake up due to pain in my neck and shoulders which means I constantly have zero energy.

‘I don’t like wearing short sleeves as my arms literally flap. You can also hear my legs clapping together as I walk which is embarrassing.’

Steff is raising funds for surgery to remove her excess skin, and will donate any money left over to charity.

She hopes that the surgery will enable to do all the things she’s dreamed of.

‘This is the first time I’ve put myself first. I’ve ran marathon’s for charity and done lots of things for other people.

‘I realise it’s a large sum but being able to raise this money on GoFundMe will change my life.

‘I’m trying to put myself first, I badly need the surgery to get my life back on track.

‘The pain can be pretty bad, I just want to get my life back.’

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