White teeth by means of toothpaste from charcoal?

Stay away from toothpaste with activated charcoal?

Toothpaste from activated carbon is thanks to the support of Celebrities and social media at the time great popularity. The activated carbon is said that you aufzuhellt the teeth. Researchers found, however, that no evidence for such an effect to exist, and the use of additional caries favors.

In the course of the current investigation of the King’s College London and the University of Manchester could not be established that the use of toothpaste with activated carbon leads to a brightening of the teeth and the use of even the formation of dental caries is favored. The results of the study were published in the English journal “British Dental Journal”.

The dentist whitens stained teeth with a highly concentrated bleach. There are many products which promise a similar effect. This includes toothpastes with activated carbon. But how effective these tooth pastes? (Image: blackday/fotolia.com)

Toothpastes with active carbon and usually contain no fluoride

Dental products that contain so-called activated carbon, is to actually fight in a natural way, the toxins in the gums and stains on the teeth to remove. It could, however, be noted that these products typically lack an essential component, when it comes to the oral health maintain. The products contain no fluoride, which is needed to destroy Plaque and to stop the decay of teeth. Already in The year 2017, researchers found that at the end in the USA found that only eight percent of the activated carbon products contain fluoride.

Statements by Celebrities are misleading

The authors referred to the black color of the known products as a Marketing Gimmicks and Folklore. Such a toothpaste is not able to remove Plaque effectively. The Problem is that there are about these products, so many Social Media Posts with positive statements of Celebrities, but the allegations are not supported by evidence. The included activated carbon limits the amount of active fluoride in toothpastes, which is for the prevention against dental caries.

The white effect is similar to normal tooth pastes

In addition, the so-called whitening effects of the toothpaste is limited to removal of discoloration, and does not surpass the effect of a normal tooth pastes. The current research work showed that dental products can actively contribute carbon to a weakening of the teeth. The Removal of stains on the teeth with the activated carbon causes the teeth to be more worn. The Trend of activated carbon in products of daily use doesn’t stop with toothpaste. There are still many other products, which also contain active carbon, face masks, cleaning products and soap &#8211 include, for example,; the evidence for a positive effect is missing, however, in the majority of cases. (as)