When you Wake up the next Time in the night, avoid a common mistake – Video

Almost one in ten German suffers from regular sleep disturbances. Stress, work load, Worries and noise are reasons why many people come in the night to rest. To fall asleep again, commit Affected a lot of mistakes.

Don’t look at the clock

Who wakes up in the middle of the night, looking first at the clock. US sleep expert, Jennifer L. Martin of the University of California, writes in a study: “people are thinking immediately about how long you can sleep before you have to get Up.” Affected put themselves in order but in a stress situation. And who is stressed, can’t sleep.

They will refuse the light

If you need to use the restroom, do not switch on the room light. By the bright rays of light, the secretion of Melatonin is slowed down. Thus, its main effect is to promote sleep. Experts advise therefore to use only the night light, when you rise at night from the bed.

Do not unnecessarily twist and turn

Who can’t fall asleep again, not to turn in bed unnecessarily and. You bring the brain to other thoughts. You have to solve a small crossword puzzle or leaves you in a magazine. Avoid Browsing on your Smartphone, or Working on the Computer.

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