‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for August 2022

Welcome to August and its big BIG energy. We closed out July on a high as it entered the vibrant and drama queen/king Leo season and it will continue to shape our lives until the end of the month when we enter the Type A vibe that marks Virgo on August 22.

“Virgo is all about back to school and work,” astrologer Crystal B tells SheKnows. “Use [this time] to start reigning yourself back into a routine and getting yourself organized.”

Until then, B. says right now is “all about finding new portals of courage to shine your light, The sign of Leo connects to the Sun and in that regard we all have an opportunity to find new inspiration into how we put ourselves out there. While not all of us are looking for a catwalk (as a traditional Leo does) we do need to seek out places to strut our stuff and be validated for what we do well.”

Here’s what else to expect from the stars for the rest of the month.

It’s time to get organized

On August 4, Mercury, the planet of communication and information, enters Virgo, which B. says is a great opportunity for us to organize, come up with some good ideas and make important plans.

“Virgo is sharp, detailed and to the point. Communication is going to follow the same suit. The details are going to be very important in the coming weeks. No one loves those tiny little nuances more than Virgo!”

Not only should you take some time to look over the details, B. advises to pay particular attention to what is going on around Aug 21. “This is the date that Mercury’s shadow period begins and he’s stared down by dreamy Neptune (trying to make him forget about the details!). Yes, we do have another Mercury retrograde looming! Ultimately whatever you’re planning will go through some hoops and derailments in order to finally come back together again in early October. Try your best to be realistic in all your planning.”

Step out of your comfort zone when it comes to love

Venus, the sign of love and relationships, enters Leo on August 11. So how will this play out in our relationships? B. says get ready to strut your stuff.

“I really love Venus in her regal, showy and flashy Leo clothes! I think it’s great for socializing and firing up the social scene. Everyone is going to be looking for an audience and on the hunt for new and unusual people to hang out with!” This is the time to find places to mingle where you can connect to a different type of crowd, or bring a friend to somewhere new and different. “Be social – even if it hurts,” B. says. “Play your Leo part and put some of your sparkle out there. Find your 15 seconds of courage and ask someone out versus waiting to be asked. Venus in Leo is boss energy and wants you to take the lead. Experiment with new ways to assert yourself as you speak from your heart.”

Embody your most authentic self

According to B, the full Moon in Aquarius on August 11 will bring “our wild to the forefront. Taking place in Aquarius, the sign that doesn’t conform, it’s going to be asking us to be our most authentic self even if it hurts.” If you’re muscling up your courage to put yourself out there, B. advises having some rules in place for how far you’re willing to go. She also says to be the lookout for who you meet during this time, too.

“Saturn, the planet of wisdom, patience and authority, features strongly at this time. Someone may test you but an important lesson comes along with them. Lean into someone wise or take advice from an authority figure you trust.”

Follow your curiosity

Mars, the planet of passion and action, enters Gemini on August 20, which B. says will push our curiosity to a whole new level. “We’re going to want to do a little of this and a lot of that. Look for new sources of inspiration and stay alert to experimentation. Stay mindful, however, of how much you pick up! Gemini is scattered energy. It gets bored very quickly.”

Which is why it’s key to be realistic with how many new things you can keep up with. What’s super important to keep in mind about this transit, says B., is that Mars will be operating in Gemini for an unusually long period of time. “Once he enters the dual natured sign, he won’t exit for nearly seven months! This is because Mars will retrograde at the end of October through early January 2023. Start paying attention to what Mars delivers to your door. Whatever it is will begin a new and important part of your story.”

Ch-ch-changes are coming

B. calls Uranus “the great shaker and awakener” so when it goes retrograde on August 24, as it does once a year every year, she says we are made aware of the forces of change happening in our life. “Change, however, is not something many of us are comfortable with. But it’s a constant. Like a lightning bolt, Uranus comes in and flashes our awareness into the necessity for doing something different. I love when Uranus stations because he delivers opportunities to think outside the box. But he is a force to be reckoned with! Sometimes his unpredictable nature can catch us off guard.” B. says watch for new ideas coming in but also unusual types of people and connections. “The universe may be saying that part of your change involves finding a new tribe.”

It’s all about the details

The Virgo energy is still strong at the end of the month. Not only is Mercury still in Virgo but we are officially in Virgo season and we cap off the month with a new moon in Virgo on August 27.

So how can we harness its energy productively?

“Virgo loves a system and a list,” B says. “Get a new notebook, start a new file or begin taking steps to creating some new organization in your life. Mars will feature very strongly in this New Moon picture. He’ll be working well with Mercury (helping our thoughts and ability to be on the go). But he’ll be challenging both the Sun and Moon. Reign him in at this time and focus on putting things into place that will ultimately make your life easier and move quicker.”

I know when I take a little time to organize, She also highly recommends using this New Moon to get your electronics and technology in order. “If you’ve been putting anything off to ‘do later’ in regards to updating your devices, move them to the front! I’d also get a fresh list of all my passwords. Virgo loves the details and we should all be paying attention to them as we embrace her New Moon.”

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